San Francisco 49ers will not commerce for New York Jets Sam Darnold

Sounds like we could get another team out of the Sam Darnold competition.

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network doesn’t expect the San Francisco 49ers to push the Jets quarterback trade.

“The answer I got to Sam Darnold’s situation is that I don’t expect the 49ers to be there,” Rapoport said on the Murph and Mac Podcast. “Maybe that could change. I think theoretically anything is possible. I never rule out anything in this ridiculous, stupid world. I don’t expect the 49ers to be there based on what I currently know.”

Rapoport went on to ask two valid questions. First, is Darnold better than 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo? Second, would San Francisco want to make a deal for basically the same quarterback?

What he means is that these two signal callers have shown lightning bolts but are not proven to be franchise quarterbacks at that level. Garoppolo is older and costs more money, which would be a reason to grab Darnold instead, but from what the insider hears, San Francisco isn’t interested in switching from Garoppolo to get ahead with Darnold.

Since the free hand is emerging, we know that Almost a third of the NFL’s 32 teams have reached out to the Jets inquiring about Darnold’s availability.

It is very likely that the 49ers are one of those teams. In fact, it would at least make sense for them to report to New York. That is, and while things may change, it seems like Kyle Shanahan’s squad are looking in a different direction.


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