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San Francisco Bay Space Clipper Card now helps Apple Pay with Specific Transit

The Clipper Card can be added to Apple Pay and used with Express Transit features on San Francisco Bay.

The Apple Wallet on the iPhone has support for adding certain transit cards from within the app. These cards can be used in Express Transit mode and reloaded with Apple Pay.

The last card to be added is the clipper card. It is the San Francisco Bay Area transit card of choice and can be used with all 24 transit agencies in the area.

San Francisco is also one of the cities with enhanced transit instructions, so users can find real-time schedules for a bus, train, or ferry that are compatible with the Clipper Card. Just hold your iPhone or Apple Watch near a Clipper reader and you’re done.

Express Transit Mode is a feature that allows users to assign an Apple Pay card for use without authentication. It is necessary to pass through busy areas like a turnstile without having to pause and authenticate the transaction.

Cards used in Express mode are also available up to five hours after the iPhone battery is discharged. This means that the user can use transit services even if the device’s battery is empty.

The Clipper card connects the TAP card and the SmarTrip card in Apple Wallet. Apple maintains a list of all transit cards available for Express Transit mode by region.

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