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San Francisco Chronicle faces backlash for asking if locals ought to ‘tolerate’ crime surge

The San Francisco Chronicle is facing massive outrage on social media platforms for all the wrong reasons. The US-based “big newspaper” used Twitter to address the rise in crime in the city. However, this did not go down well with San Francisco residents, who criticized the leading newspaper for asking such questions. The post shared by the Chronicle highlighted the increase in break-ins and criminal activity in just a few months.

On the microblogging platform, the newspaper wrote: “At the same time, residents and city guides are looking for answers: Should they tolerate high burglaries as a disadvantage of city life and instead concentrate on barricading their houses?” The post went on to say, “Should people who are repeatedly accused of theft be targeted with rehabilitation services or imprisoned so that they cannot commit further crimes? it added.

Local residents and city guides are looking for answers: Should they tolerate break-ins as part of city life and focus on barricading houses?

Should repeat offenders seek rehabilitation services or be incarcerated to prevent them from committing further offenses? https://t.co/F0kaALqjU1 pic.twitter.com/QMqOjXJFMl

– San Francisco Chronicle (@sfchronicle) November 5, 2021

Confused by the question from the leading newspaper, residents reacted quickly enough. Referring to the first few lines of the post, one user said, “Nobody is looking for answers” ​​because “stealing and hurting others is just wrong”. Another person asked, “Should SF residents tolerate break-ins and barricade their homes? Are you kidding? ”. A third user, who was extremely disappointed with the leading newspaper, wrote: “Tolerate burglaries as part of city life”. He wrote: “Actual words that were printed in a really big newspaper”.

When we get to the point where the serious question is whether we should tolerate break-ins, then maybe it is time to wrap it up.

– Demilich Lovato (@DemilichLovato) November 6, 2021

According to a report published in Sputnik International, over 40 percent of San Francisco residents say they plan to move to another city in the next few years. Eight out of ten people believed that the city’s crime cases had increased dramatically in recent years, and 76 percent of city residents said they would increase security and police patrols in the city. The number of car thefts in San Francisco rose 753 percent in May year-over-year, according to police data. In addition, the proportion of organized retail crime has forced many stores to close. It should be mentioned here that the second largest US pharmacy chain Walgreen recently closed 5 stores in San Francisco. Some major cities, including California, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, and Illinois, have seen massive brain drains of nearly four million people in the past decade, Sputnik reported, citing Forbes.

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