San Francisco Chronicle Launches Actual Property Information,

SAN FRANCISCO, April 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Whether for the first time in the San Francisco Bay Area or within the Bay Area, the San Francisco Chronicle, Northern California’s largest newspaper, has launched a new “San Francisco Chronicle” Real Estate Guide “, A user-friendly guide to many of the most popular neighborhoods and housing markets in the region.

The guide covers 64 cities and neighborhoods, from Napa and Sonoma counties in North Bay to the famous counties of San Francisco and down to San Jose in South Bay. This data-rich guide contains searchable statistics on school districts, house prices, and commute times, as well as city profiles to help people find their new homes in the heart of the Bay Area.

“The Bay Area is a beautiful and exciting region with dozens of lifestyle options. But housing is also highly competitive and can be intimidating, especially for newcomers to the area, ”said Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, editor-in-chief of the Chronicle. “We created this new property guide to help both newcomers and Bay Area enthusiasts make the best choices for themselves and their families.”

The guide contains more than just statistics and tables, it contains interactive maps and details like nightlife. It also has tips and tricks for getting around, finding the great restaurant, and identifying affordable neighborhoods.

Via the San Francisco Chronicle
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