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San Francisco dwelling to the most cost effective luxurious resort in California, research says

Many Californians would love to stay in a luxury hotel during a trip, but not everyone can afford it.

Luckily, CashNetUSA compiled a list of the cheapest luxury hotels in each state that are perfect for anyone’s next vacation.

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Researchers were able to identify the cheapest luxury hotel one-night stay rates by searching Hotel.com. The hotels included in the study each had the same proposed check-in and out dates.

When information regarding the cheapest five-star hotel wasn’t available, four-star hotel rates were included instead.

In California, the lowest-priced luxury hotel is the Mansion of Sutter in San Francisco, and a one-night stay at the five-star hotel will cost $261, according to the finance website.

While there are plenty of cheaper hotel stay alternatives in the Golden State, hotel guests at Mansion of Sutter can enjoy free WIFI throughout the property, a pool, a 24-hour gym, concierge services, and travel and tourism assistance, along with other perks .

The study found that the cheapest luxury hotel rate was at a DoubleTree by Hilton Deadwood at Cadillac Jack’s in South Dakota. One-night rates there were only $73, according to the study.

The most expensive rate was found at a Four Seasons Resort in Jackson, Wyoming. A one night stay would cost $2,805.

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