San Francisco Lady Suspected Of Utilizing Fraudulent Reward Card To Purchase Costly Electronics From Finest Purchase Shops – CBS Sacramento

AUBURN (CBS13) – MPs arrested a San Francisco woman suspected of using a fraudulent gift card to purchase expensive electronics from the Auburn Best Buy store.

The Placer County sheriff’s office says store staff called to report the fraud on Monday.

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Employees say the woman first bought a MacBook valued at over $ 1,700 using the fraudulent electronic gift card. They didn’t realize the scam until after they bought the computer.

The woman then came back to the store a second time, clerks say, and tried to buy another MacBook. Then the MPs were called.

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MPs soon responded to the scene and contacted the suspect. She was identified as 25-year-old Xiaohui Xu from San Francisco. Several unopened boxes of high-priced electronics were also found in her car, MPs say.

Investigators say the receipts showed the items were purchased at multiple Best Buy stores using fraudulent gift cards.

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Xu has been arrested and is now charged with identity theft, theft, break-in, possession of stolen property, and fraudulent use of an access card.

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