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A spike in COVID-19 cases pushed San Francisco and San Mateo counties into the state’s purple plains on Saturday, causing most of the region and California to push back unnecessary indoor activities like fitness, worship, movie theaters, and museums .

The rollbacks will go into effect on Sunday, San Francisco Mayor London Breed said, urging residents to protect themselves and their families.

“Everyone has to do what they can over the next few weeks. The decisions you make today will affect where we will be tomorrow. Don’t travel, stay with the people in your household and wear your masks. “

On Monday, the city will also come under Governor Gavin Newsom’s curfew for counties in the purple tier. Monthly partial home ordering requires non-essential work and gatherings to be suspended between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Indoor church services, indoor cinemas, indoor fitness studios and fitness centers as well as indoor operations in museums, aquariums and zoos will be closed. San Francisco will also close outdoor carousels, ferris wheels, and train rides.

Retail stores must limit capacity to 25%, but al fresco dining is allowed. Indoor retail and indoor personal services such as hair and nail salons, outdoor fitness, and limited indoor individual personal training in gyms or fitness centers may continue.

Outdoor playgrounds, skate parks (with a 25% capacity restriction, up to 25 people at a time), batting cages, and miniature golf, as well as outdoor zoos and art or museum exhibits, may remain open.

San Francisco’s worrying numbers show the city has an average of 130 new Covid-19 positive cases per day, compared to 73 per day in the first week of November, Breed said. The city is estimated to be diagnosed with 900 COVID-19 cases each week, compared to 217 diagnosed COVID-19 cases in the week of October 12th.

Last week, San Francisco was the only metropolitan area in the state that avoided being in the purple category. Today, 51 out of 58 counties have the “widespread” maximum risk, officials said.

In San Mateo County, the health department reported an 85% increase in COVID-19 cases from October through November. The district’s new adjusted case rate is 7.6 per 100,000 residents, officials said on Saturday.

“We haven’t seen numbers like this in a while and we really need to reverse this incredibly worrying trend,” said Mike Callagy, manager of San Mateo County. “It is important to remember that as long as we follow sound health and safety practices, we can reverse the trend.”

In San Francisco, any schools that are already open for face-to-face learning may continue to offer indoor classes. Below the purple level, TK-6 schools that have not yet opened can apply to the health officer to waive the opening for personal indoor lessons. Middle schools and high schools that have not yet opened may not be open for indoor classes. However, they can also apply to outdoor-only learning.

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