See how a lot plumbers, HVAC technicians, and electricians are paid in Florida

(STACKER) – There is currently a shortage of skilled workers in the United States.

Across the country, there are not enough skilled electricians, plumbers, HVAC technicians, and carpenters to meet the demand. A recent study found that many of the most sought-after jobs remain vacant for at least a month.

This is because millions of Americans laid off in the early days of the coronavirus are looking for work.

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However, not all job boards are created equal. While all 50 states should be fairly easy to find, the pay for that work varies by state. To find the states where homeworkers are paid the most, ServiceTitan analyzed Payscale’s June 2020 data. The average homeworker salary was calculated by taking the average of the salary of entry-level, middle-level, and senior workers in each state. HVAC technicians, plumbers, and electricians were all included in the record, which can be viewed nationwide here.

Florida in numbers

– Average Annual Salary: $ 51,633 ($ 24.82 per hour)
– Plumber: $ 50,867 ($ 24.46 hourly)
– Entry-level to senior plumber salary increase: $ 13,400 ($ 6.44 per hour)
– HVAC Technician: $ 51,367 ($ 24.70 per hour)
– Entry-level to senior HVAC technician salary increase: $ 15,500 ($ 7.45 per hour)
– Electrician: $ 52,667 ($ 25.32 per hour)
– Entry-level to senior electrician salary increase: $ 17,27 ($ 8.27 per hour)

Take a look at the stats below to find out where your talents are most and least valued, and to better assess whether or not it is worth making a career move.

States that pay homeworkers the most

#1. Alaska: $ 61,156 average annual salary ($ 29.40 hourly)
# 2. Massachusetts: $ 59,700 average annual salary ($ 28.70 an hour)
# 3. California: $ 59,511 average annual salary ($ 28.61 hourly)

States that pay homeworkers the least

#1. Arkansas: $ 47,944 average annual salary ($ 23.05 hourly)
# 2. West Virginia: $ 48,178 average annual salary ($ 23.16 hourly)
# 3. Idaho: $ 49,433 average annual salary ($ 23.77 hourly)

This story originally appeared on ServiceTitan and was produced and distributed in collaboration with Stacker Studio.

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