Sidecar house owners take over French bistro in downtown Los Gatos

After launching Sidecar Modern Tavern in downtown Los Gatos 3½ years ago, Adam Chick and Joss Allen are pairing the eclectic cocktails and food they serve there with a French bistro and Champagne bar just up the street.

The pair are taking over Épernay Los Gatos, which opened in May 2021 at 29 E. Main St., from owner Ty Blana. While the name may remain, the shift in the menu is subtly happening and it points toward something a bit less pure French and a bit more inclusive.

“We’ve taken over day-to-day operations, and will keep the name for now, but eventually, we will change things and have a fresh start,” says Chick.

Blana remains in charge of wine consulting. “He was starting to get really busy, but when we came on board, we told him we could really get this place hopping and happening with a few tweaks,” says Chick. “We have more upbeat music, a new energy, and we’ve started to streamline the menu.”

The two have learned a lot from each other and became fast friends. Chick admits he didn’t eat much caviar when he first met Blana, but now he’s excited to offer an enhanced caviar platter, along with a rack of lamb and a new filet that replaces the New York steak. Boeuf Bourguignon and moules frites remain, as do the Brussels sprouts with bacon and the French onion soup. At the helm is a new chef, Patrick Cabaluna, who is also the chef at SideCar.

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