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Words of Wisdumb from a jolly nun –

By Sister Dana Van Iquity–

sister Dana sez: “Mother’s Day is May 9th. May I be the first to wish all mothers and drag mothers a well-deserved and very happy day! You raised some adorable offspring! “

Comedian, actress, television presenter and producer niece Nash (newly married to wife Jessica Betts) hosted the 32nd year GLAAD MEDIA AWARDS on YouTube on April 8; The show is now also streamed on Hulu. Here are the highlights. Outstanding Music Award (presented by Katy Perry) was Sam Smith. Outstanding breakthrough artist was CHIKA. The best reality series was HBO’s “We’re Here” – we’re bringing drag to rural America and everywhere. President and GLAAD CEO Sarah Kate Ellis spoke of the importance of LGBTQ people being seen and heard in the media. “LGBTQ adoption still has a long way to go, but we have come a long way,” she said. “The equality law is advancing, but with strong resistance from Republicans.” She added, “Media helps you understand people and walk in their shoes.” Niecy introduced her singer-songwriter Jessica Betts to play guitar and sing the exquisite “Catch Me”. Outstanding Film / Limited Release went to Netflix’s The Boys in the Band by proud gay Ryan Murphy. You may remember how much I raved about this movie, with its all-gay cast and director! Oh so yummy Matt Bomer! The standout drama series went to Star Trek: Discovery. The standout film-wide release went to Hulu’s happiest season.

LGBTQ activist Demi Lovato spoke of losing her dear friend and actress Naya Rivera who played Glee on TV as Santana Lopez and her TV friend. “She has inspired young lesbian actresses around the world with her activism,” said Lovato. Personally, I fondly remember when Rivera spoke with fiery inspiration at a GLAAD celebration. We gave her a standing ovation! Lovato then introduced much of Glee’s incredible cast as himself today in paying loving tributes to Rivera. Jane Lynch (Glees angry Sue Sylvester) praised GLAAD’s work and came to the conclusion: “Every year there is more LGBTQ representation on television and a more diverse representation as well as more acceptance and more friendliness.”

I’m so excited to announce that my favorite of the favorites, Schitt’s Creek, received the Best Comedy Series Award accepted by my lead actor, star, and co-creator. And Levy! Let me remind you that this series won the Golden Globes and also won the GLAAD Award last year. “When we started doing Schitt’s Creek we wanted to be fun, but also show personal growth, love, empowerment and bebe crows – but we wanted everyone to be supported without question.” He added, “There is really so much work to be done, and I cannot thank GLAAD enough for their tireless pursuit that one day we can live in a world where our community has this kind of support.” Sister Dana sez: “Can I get an Amen up here ?!”

sister Dana sez: “I am pleased to announce that this year again we will have an illuminated pink triangle on Twin Peaks on Pride Weekend to promote our inspiration, pride and joy!”

SF LGBT CENTER held its annual (but virtual this year) EVE on the 10th of April. This was a lovely evening celebrating fellowship. Together we have helped increase the impact of the centre’s work and raised funds to virtually expand its programs and services. The SF LGBT Center connects our diverse community with opportunities, resources and each other to realize our vision of a stronger, healthier and more just world for LGBTQ people and our allies.

Board co chairs Chris Paul and Sally Jesmonth thanked the many volunteers who make the center possible. The center has successfully put almost all of its services online. They meet virtually with LGBTQ + job seekers, lead apartment workshops on Zoom, support small businesses with online “office hours” and training, coordinate the delivery of important items for LGBTQ + young people and much more. They even converted several Host Homes guests into apartments despite the raging pandemic, moved them to safe, supportive rooms, and significantly reduced their exposure to COVID-19 and other risk factors. managing Director Rebecca Rolfe talked about the future – and worrisome issues like herd immunity, work, housing, racial justice, democracy – and how we need to be prepared and “show up”. She said, “When we stand in fellowship, we will create the future of our dreams.”

Soirée was moderated by sister Roma & Columnist for the San Francisco Bay Times Liam Mayclem and featured entertainment director and virtual bartender Juanita MORE! with after-party dance DJ Lady Ryan. The evening ended with the lipsynch talents of Voodonna Smoke and do a huge joint sensually Dawn Penn‘s “You don’t love me (no, no, no)”; Flurry Jackson with “I Got Rhythm” serving old-school tap shoes; and Tito Soto With Phil Collins“In the Air Tonight” while impressive aerial acrobatics are performed.

sister Dana sez: “Is anyone else sick and tired of hearing all the terrible illegal sexual eXXXcapades by Rep. Matt Gaetz – or what I prefer to call ‘Gaetz-Tor’ ?!”

The SAN FRANCISCO BAY TIMES works with THE ACADEMY to feature a new live game show hosted by donna bag. In this matchup, Team Mecca 2.0 is led by the captain Kelly Gilliamwill take on Team Olivia, led by the captain Tisha Floratos. DIVAS & DRINKS will be on April 29th from 6pm to 7pm enjoying music by DJ Rockaway as you learn how to make delicious cocktails. Don’t miss the big reveal at the end: the reveal of our internationally renowned mystery guest who shares thoughts on the women who helped and inspired her in her amazing lives.

sister Dana sez: “Thank goodness TV ‘Bachelor’ star Colton Underwood has become gay. How tormented he must have been in that huge, frightening national closet! “

THE IMPERIAL MOTHER COURT the International Court System will proudly present Coronation 56: “GET LIT, A NEW IDEA” practically on April 24th, 4 p.m. To celebrate TMIM Emperor William Bulkley and Empress Mimi Osa as they step down and crown the next monarchs of San Francisco. We voted for them on April 17th,

sister Dana sez: “I’m afraid the Obama smear campaign is working: Gallup reported that Trump officially outperformed Obama in his annual public poll of the world’s most admired man. Unbelievable!”

Lisa patientis strange LOCKDOWN COMEDY was zoomed in on April 15th. The show was presented Jann Karam (THE), Becky Braunstein (Portland via Alaska), Bob McIntyre (SF) and Arline (Lisa’s mother) and Lisa patient (Both were stuck in the Flawrida lock). Note: Jann will be on an upcoming episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Becky will be on a new TV show, Chad. Have a laugh with me every 3rd Thursday with Lockdown Comedy on Zoom!

sister Dana sez, “The latest news! Stop the presses! Just in time for Pride Month, Kellogg’s has a new cereal. ‘Together with Pride’ hits stores in May and will have rainbow-colored grain hearts in the colors of the rainbow flag. And they’ll be covered in edible glitter! Delicious pride! “

THANKS TO HANK is the inspiring story of strand Wilson, a true unsung hero of the gay liberation movement and the AIDS epidemic, who led a life of such extraordinary humility and compassion that it will inspire people well beyond the LGBTQ community. The film is unique in its focus on the effects of the AIDS epidemic on poor and black people and a chronicle of AIDS activism in the years before PLAY ON YOURSELFand demonstrates the broader vision of social justice advocated by early gay liberation activists. Also unique in its artistic scope, it features the music of the award-winning Grammy Award Kronos Quartetand beautiful hand made animation. And not to brag, but some of us sisters of eternal enjoyment. Ingeniously staged by bob Easter Day. 81 minutes. $ 10 Recommended Donation – 50% of the proceeds will go to the Coalition for Homelessness. Starts April 23rd. Https://

sister Dana sez: “Regarding epidemics that we are constantly carrying out, the Biden government is trying to increase funds drastically in order to accelerate and intensify efforts to end the HIV / AIDS epidemic. ”

SAN FRANCISCO GAY MEN’S CHOIR presents the annual fundraiser CRESCENDO, this year practically on April 22nd and entitled VOICES RISE. We can enjoy and / or honor SFGMC, Jake Shears, Rita Moreno, LeAnn Rimes, Shangela, Terrance Kelley, Mayor of London Breed, Homophonics, and many others.

Sister Dana sez: “Since Covid-daze forced me to become a day drinker, I have to reveal 18 advantages of red wine according to promotes healthy eyes, reduces the risk of cataracts, fights tooth decay, protects against colds, protects against heart disease , Decreases Risk of Heart Attack, Increases Life Expectancy, Improves Bone Density, Helps Weight Loss, Contributes to Healthy Cholesterol, Fights Cancer, Decreases Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Decreases Risk of Liver Disease, Decreases Risk of Stroke, Fights Depression , helps with short-term memory, keeps the brain sharp and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. So, break out the vino! “

Published April 22, 2021

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