Stephen A. Smith blasts concept of Packers shifting on from Aaron Rodgers

First Take co-host Stephen A. Smith has been outspoken in his criticism of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The ESPN analyst has questioned some of the decisions Rodgers made on and off the field, but still respects the veteran quarterback for what he’s accomplished in his career.

Smith spoke about the quarterback’s future with the Green Bay Packers and what the team will look like if he actually leaves this offseason. After Saturday night’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers, he said he’ll take some time to think about what’s next and want out if the team decides to “rebuild.”

Here’s what Smith had to say:

“Regarding the Green Bay Packers going on, hell no, you would be stupid to do that. As an organization, as you make this call to move on from Aaron Rodgers, where are you going with Jordan Love? 19 for 34, 190 yards and an interception against Kansas City in his only game as a starter that year? We saw what he did and how he went to bed in the second half of the season finale against Detroit. He wasn’t that impressive. We have serious questions about whether he’s ready or not. We don’t see any evidence of this. So where will you go if you lose someone like Aaron Rogers?” (First take)

When Aaron Rodgers leaves Green Bay, will Jordan Love be the Packers QB?

Green Bay Packers vs. Detroit Lions

The Green Bay Packers drafted Jordan Love in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft, which led to the issues Aaron Rodgers had with the organization and their lack of communication with him.

When the starting quarterback missed a game this season due to COVID-19, Love was given an opportunity to start his first NFL game. It wasn’t an outing he or the Packers had hoped for.

Granted, he faced the Kansas City Chiefs but failed to get anything going on offense. In Week 18 against the Detroit Lions, Love played the second half and again didn’t show much improvement.

With the Green Bay Packers over $40 million over the salary cap, there will be changes on offense as the team is unable to retain all of their biggest guns. With a new starting quarterback and potentially a different-looking offense, the Packers may officially be in rebuild mode this offseason.

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