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Recent book recommendations from staff at a rotating list of independent bookstores in the Bay Area. This week’s list is from Pegasus Books, 1855 Solano Ave., Berkeley. 510-525-6888

“The history” Photo: Norton

Adult literature

The history, by Richard Powers: This beautiful collection of interlocking stories belies Power’s reputation for being cold and cerebral. His science is incontestable, but it is his human and tree-like characters that make this extraordinary novel so vivid.

The silence of the girls by Pat Barker: Barker’s moving, brilliant retelling of “The Iliad” focuses on the story Homer didn’t tell: women’s fear.

Adult non-fiction books

How to change your mind by Michael Pollan: With his mixture of skepticism and impeccable research, Pollan is the perfect apologist for the re-emerging field of psychedelic research. Fascinating and inspiring, this book will change your mind about what’s possible.

Bookseller’s diary, by Shaun Bythell: For anyone who has ever dreamed of owning a bookstore. Bythell’s hilarious report will make those in the industry cry and those otherwise busy dropping their résumés on their local indie.

Young adult title

Half witch, by John Schoffstall: Extremely twisted, with an evil sense of humor that made us snort and read out passages out loud for anyone who would listen. The friendship between leads is one of the most beautiful relationships we’ve ever read in a youth book.

Wildcard, by Marie Lu: In this sequel to the bestseller sci-fi / thriller “Warcross”, the virtual reality player Emika Chan has to fight her old flame – with the fate of the free will of everyone on earth at stake.

Sea fire, by Natalie C. Parker: A group of teenagers form an all-female crew whose mission is to seek revenge on the warlord who killed their families. Action packed adventure with an amazing female captain.

Sweep, by Jonathan Auxier: Nan is a young chimney sweep in Victorian London whose best friend and protector happens to be a golem made from soot. Partly historical, partly fantastic and everything wonderful.

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