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Swick House Companies has annual staff constructing breakfast

MARQUETTE, Mich. (WLUC) – Swick Home Services in Marquette took all of it employees out to breakfast Thursday morning to show its appreciation and support local businesses.

58 Swick Home Services techs were greeted bright and early with a breakfast buffet. Swick cars paraded down Highway 41 from its office on Presque Isle Ave. to Marquette’s Big Boy.

Service Tech Mackenzie Masters said it’s nice to do something a little differently every now and then.

“Swick is coming out to support the local businesses, and our boss likes to do this every year. He takes us all out to breakfast,” Masters said. “It’s a really fun time, we all get to enjoy each other and just have a calm morning eating breakfast.”

Service Tech Bruce Pietila said going out for breakfast is a great way to start the day and get to know each other a little more.

“Spend some time with each other, away from work showing appreciation for all the hard work that we do as employees,” Pietila said.

He said Swick makes sure to show support for other locally owned businesses, with different organizations displayed on each vehicle.

“Obviously they do a lot for the community, and we try to give back as well,” Pietila said. “So it’s a good opportunity to do that, to do a couple things at once, yeah.”

Masters said those who work at Swick are more than just co-workers.

“We all work as a team. And it’s more of a family-based company, so it’s really close-knit,” Masters added. “So it’s nice to just get together and not have to worry or talk about work. We can talk about other things for a couple of hours in the morning before we start the day.”

All Swick employees were in attendance for the team-building breakfast.

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