Taco Bell Closes, Dealer Vic’s Exploring Housing, Bay Bridge Middle prepares for Redevelopment, Compound Gallery Shifting to Emeryville

Emeryville’s month-long streak with no significant store closure ended last week with the abrupt shutdown of the East Bay Bridge Taco Bell (near Home Depot).

Other news in this report include the possible end of a restaurant establishment in Emeryville and the start of the upcoming renovation of the Bay Bridge Center.

East Bay Bridge Taco Bell closes

The Taco Bell at the East Bay Bridge Shopping Center near Home Depot is closed. They closed abruptly on December 27, according to a source, saying they would “open again in 30 minutes.” They never reopen and the signage has since been removed.

Other sources have indicated that neighboring Starbucks has temporarily closed due to “staffing shortages” amid the ongoing Omikron surge.

The closest available Taco Bell is located at 2255 Telegraph Avenue in Oakland.

Trader Vic looking for an apartment on site?

Trader Vic’s has started exploring buildings on the grounds of their fabled restaurant City of Emeryville November Progress Report. City planners met with the owners of Trader Vic on the property in November to discuss a potential housing project. Your design team has now also met online to discuss various development options.

The plans are preliminary and no documents have been officially submitted, but initial indications suggest that the restaurant area would not be maintained in its current form. “As far as I understand, the restaurant building would not be preserved,” noted a city contact. The Emeryville site is an extension of the original location on San Pablo Avenue and is still run by the Bergeron family.

Trader Vic’s has worked hard to adapt amid a challenging business climate exacerbated by the pandemic. They tried to maximize their kitchen space by creating a take-away Mexican spin-off called. have integrated Senor Picos. This endeavor was short-lived.

Full-service no-chain restaurants are a dying breed in Emeryville, and the few who have tried have quickly failed, including within the city 612One and Yuzu ramen.

Representatives from the restaurant did not respond to our request to clarify their long-term plans.

Hidden place for hometown heroes

The Hometown Heroes sports bar has a new kitchen tenant that we didn’t report on Hidden Spot announced it would take over the kitchen that was previously occupied by the Populars Likha Filipino Food about a year ago.

Hidden Spot also operates a location in South San Francisco that serves burgers, sandwiches, and wings.

Order food online at


Compound Gallery “Expanding” to Emeryville

North Oakland’s Compound Gallery has found a new home for their gallery space just across the border in Emeryville. The building at 1339 61st Street has lived many lives lately as an enterprise software company called relola.

They announced the move to a December 6th Instagram post after completing their tenancy. “It was a really crazy time for us and we struggled to find a way to keep the gallery alive and thriving in the future. First two years of global pandemic, then landlords fighting. “

They then explained the various challenges they faced, including resignation and legal threats. “After a crazy search, we were able to find a building that we’ve had our eyes on for a while.”

“Our extensive main facilities and studios will remain in Oakland, but the new building will house the gallery, a community printing facility (specializing in book printing – including etching and screen printing), an art shop, an art academy, and the @hifructosemag Micro Mega Store! “

Compound expressed relief and optimism about the future of their Emeryville business. “We are also very happy about the move to Emeryville and have already been welcomed wonderfully by the city.”


Feature image and top photo courtesy of @scoobmx via Twitter.

Bay Bridge Center officially closed

All stores in the Bay Bridge Shopping Center on Christie Avenue have been officially vacated and the property has been fenced off. Wells Fargo, Allegro Ballroom, EmeryBay Cafe, and Copy Central have all either closed or moved. Denny’s and 76 gas stations will remain open and are currently not part of the redevelopment plans.

Oxford properties acquired the mall already in August with the intention of building a “mixed-use” project. Oxford has put forward a proposal that will be considered by the Planning Commission at a scheduled study meeting on January 27th.

Oakland Monster Pho parade

While the Emeryville location remains closed to customers, the Oakland Monster Pho location moves a few blocks closer to Emeryville on 40th Street off Broadway. You have been at the Broadway location since 2014.

Monster Pho reflected on her long journey and valued her employees and her loyal customer base rolled into one Instagram post. “We would like to sincerely thank you for your hard work and dedication. We’re also very happy with the continued support and feedback from the community over the years. Without you we wouldn’t be here today either. “

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