Teen instructed by faculty to ‘change garments’ as boys have been ‘too distracted’ by her outfit

A 13-year-old female pupil was told to change her outfit despite scorching temperatures

A teenage schoolgirl was told to change her clothes as it was apparently ‘too distracting’ for male pupils.

Demetra Alarcan, 13, was last month told by one of her teachers at Fisher Middle School in Los Gatos, California, that her attire was ‘too short’.

Demetra’s dad Tony had bought his daughter the outfit. It was a simple tank top and shorts – but were deemed ‘inappropriate’ by the school and she was forced to change.

Tony thinks that scorching Californian temperatures render such clothing acceptable and believes it meets the dress code. He thinks that girls are unfairly targetted.

“I mean, today it’s 90 degrees outside and she’s wearing leggings because she doesn’t want to be dress-coded for wearing shorts,” he told CBS San Francisco.

“And it’s not OK. It needs to change.”

Tony argued that very few of the school’s dress code policies apply to girls. Demetra said that she rarely sees male pupils reprimanded for dress code infractions.

Tony doesn’t think it’s a question of discipline – rather, he thinks excessive restrictions placed on young female pupils have a negative effect on their wellbeing.

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