The Membership Los Gatos eyes October reopening with new associate

For Alex Anderson, co-owner of The Club Los Gatos, 2020 was a time of great challenge, as the pandemic delayed progress on an extensive remodel of the athletic club that had begun in fall 2019 and was expected to be completed in a year.

Instead, Anderson says The Club, located at 285 E. Main St., is anticipating a grand reopening date of Oct. 1.

“The remodel is progressing well and we don’t anticipate any further delays,” he adds. “All the infrastructure, including electrical, HVAC and plumbing is complete, except for the installation of fixtures. Windows, skylights, flooring, paint—it’s all in place.”

He notes that the pandemic had a major impact on the interior design flow: Everything that can be made touch-free is being made so, from sink faucets to soap dispensers, towel dispensers and toilets.

Anderson is also excited that The Annex, located at the former luxury auto dealership at 66 E. Main St., will remain part of The Club, as they’ve just signed a 20-year lease. The Annex proved quite popular during the pandemic as it has outdoor space for classes.

Once The Club is reopened, Anderson expects to use The Annex for California Strength, a collaborative effort with Dave Spitz, a certified strength and conditioning specialist who is also CEO and founder of the San Ramon-based fitness company.

California Strength has dominated the U.S. Olympic weightlifting landscape. In fact, Anderson says, Spitz discovered weightlifting talent Wes Kitts originally from Knoxville, TN, and relocated him to San Ramon for in person training in 2016. Kitts, 31, was just named to the U.S. Olympic team that will be heading to Tokyo this summer.

“We are now 49% owners of California Strength, our sister organization,” Anderson says. “This partnership enables us to offer youth athletes a clear path to professional ball sports, including soccer, baseball, basketball and the NFL. All high school athletes can take advantage of the brick and mortar as well as online programs.”

These programs, he adds, “address the physical and mental aspects of sport. It starts with love and gratitude. We primarily work with high school kids. It’s hugely important to get them on the right track as soon as possible.”

Anderson says California Strength utilizes the TrainHeroic platform, which works with athletes using a variety of apps that run $15-$19 a month. “The general philosophy is that better athletes make better ball players. The program emphasizes aerobic conditioning, metabolic fitness, nutrition and functional strength.”

Anderson also brought East Bay trainer/therapist Tobe Hanson into The Club’s fold. A native of Sweden who was trained in acupuncture, Hanson uses kinesiology to treat athletes and non-athletes alike for immediate pain relief, injury rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

“I’ve always admired Tobe, and I saw his clientele grow and witnessed the difference he made with athletes with whom he worked,” Anderson says. “During the pandemic, our paths crossed again, and I knew we were going to make it through.”

The Club is offering special membership rates through August, with privileges at The Annex while the remodel continues. Enrollment is $66, and membership per month starts at $99. For more information, visit

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