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The most effective landscaping providers in San Francisco

As one of the most expensive places to live in the country with some of the highest home prices, it’s important to keep your lawn as gorgeous as your house here in San Francisco. But if you’re anything like me, you don’t have the know-how or the desire to upkeep your outdoor space or create your dream yard by yourself.

That’s where landscaping services and companies come in. The issue here is that there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of landscaping companies in the Bay Area to sift through. To make it easy for you to find the best one, we’ve narrowed it down to just six.

With the companies in this list, you can have the outdoor space of your dreams designed, built, and maintained without you ever having to lift a finger.

We’ll start with a few large companies that can handle complete design and construction work, and then we’ll get into a couple smaller services from TaskRabbit that are perfect for yard work, cleanup, and more.

Go Green Landscape

With a 5-star rating on Angi, Go Green Landscape snags the top spot on our list of the best landscaping services in the area. The team at Go Green has been landscaping since 2005 and they strive to figure out exactly what their customers’ needs and wants are. From there, Go Green handles everything from design to finished construction.

The company prides itself on its use of sustainable materials in its projects that are better for the environment. Go Green also offers free consultations, so you can get an estimate on how much your project will cost without paying a dime.

The Paver Lady

The Paver Lady

The Paver Lady is another company with a perfect 5-star rating from Angi who offers complete landscaping and hardscaping services. This company collaborates with licensed engineers, architects, and designers to create incredible outdoor spaces no matter what you’re working with in terms of size or location.

The founder of the company spent two decades in real estate before coming over to the landscaping side of things, and she also acts as the lead designer. Thanks to her experience, she knows exactly what types of outdoor spaces increase the value of your home while also remaining functional and unique. All things considered, The Paver Lady may have the best landscape designs in the area.

Skyline Landscapes Inc.

Skyline Landscapes, Inc.

Another top-tier landscaping company in San Francisco for you to consider is Skyline Landscapes Inc. In business in the Bay Area for more than 30 years, this company offers complete design and construction of landscaping and hardscaping services for homeowners. You can also use this company to maintain your lawn — including fertilizing, watering, mowing, trimming, and more.

In addition to standard landscaping design and construction, Skyline is the only company on this list to specifically mention additional services such as outdoor lighting, gazebo construction, demolition of existing conditions, and more. For the outdoor oasis of your dreams, you should consider checking out Skyline Landscapes.

CM Landscaping

CM Landscaping

Rounding out our list of the best full-scale landscaping services in San Francisco is CM Landscaping. Yet another one of the few 5-star rated landscaping services in the Bay Area on Angi, CM Landscaping can take care of your landscaping needs to your utmost satisfaction. With a focus on both landscaping and irrigation, this company can make your yard look great while also ensuring everything gets the water it needs to thrive.

In addition to basic landscaping services, CM also performs hardscape design and construction, fencing installation and repair, concrete repair, lawn treatment, and more. Based on recent reviews from customers of CM Landscaping, the company works hard, has fair pricing, and doesn’t leave until the job is done right. Give them a shot!

Nicholas S. on TaskRabbit

Landscape and electrician contractors

Perhaps the best landscaping Tasker in the SF Bay Area from TaskRabbit is Nicholas S. With a perfect 5-star rating from well over 150 reviews, you know you’re going to be getting top-quality work, customer service, and communication with this tasker He is currently working towards a Landscape and Electrician’s License, and can handle all of your landscaping needs.

In terms of what he can do for you and your yard, you probably won’t find a better fit on TaskRabbit. Nicholas has his own tools and vehicles and can do everything involved with complete Landscape Design and Construction. He can also perform irrigation design and installation, retaining walls, plant disease control, lawn mowing, and more.

Osaro E. on TaskRabbit

Ease time consuming tasks

Rounding off our list of the best landscaping services in the San Francisco Bay Area is Osaro E. from TaskRabbit. This Tasker has a rating of 4.5/5.0 stars for this type of work and has the lowest price of any of Taskers on this list, charging just $59.03/hour. Based on reviews of Osaro, he is punctual and comes highly recommended.

According to Osaro himself, this Tasker is working hard and strives to provide the best results to his clients that meets their expectations. He is capable of overhauling your yard and giving you that curb appeal that you’re looking for. So if you want a good deal on quality yard work in the area, check out this Tasker!

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