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SAN FRANCISCO, CA – (December 2019) The historic Cow Palace is being redesigned again Dickens's Londonnow in the 36th season, The Great Dickens Christmas Market now takes place on Saturdays and Sundays until December 23, 2018, to offer visitors an incomparable, wonderfully immersive holiday experience.

Holiday fantasies at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair

The Big Dickens Christmas Market and Victorian Holiday Party is very special and a festive treat that I want everyone to experience. The Dickens Fair is truly amazing! Illuminated to look like London in the sparkling setting sun, with over three acres of exhibition space, endless amusements, crafts and games, and fine dining and drinking to your heart's content. There are 800 performers, all dressed in period correct clothing, who take classes to learn how to behave and speak in Victorian London. I suggest you put on a costume yourself and take in all the magic.

Step inside and be instantly transported to the streets of cheerful Victorian London as it celebrates Christmas in all its glory. Twilight-lit streets lined with shops, pubs, stages and dance halls filled with more than 800 people Victorian characters and the smell of roasted chestnuts and savory fare. Get yours Travel Map When you go in, stop immediately at the post office to secure your free tickets for the Cheeky French postcard review.

The Great Dickens Christmas market is crowded Holiday magic for the littlest guests, The Tinsel Green Children's Area features hands-on craft activities, old-fashioned games of skill and chance, and lively interactive shows. Young viewers will cheer for the hero and mock the villain in the children's melodrama, while Alice is there in the children's melodrama Mad Hatters Tea Party, or learn the tricks of the chimney sweep trade from the London School Miracle Sweeps. A delightful addition to the usual holiday entertainment where young people can get together Old Santa Claus every day at one o'clock Santa Claus stage, Drive with a hand drive adventure carousel, they cheer toy parade, and laugh at the antics of an authentic Brit Punch & Judy Puppetry.

Santa Claus at the Great Dickens Christmas Fair

Guests will welcome the return of the Comic opera “Trial By Jury” by Gilbert & Sullivan in the Victoria & Albert Bijou Music Hall – one of the most successful one-act operettas of all time, telling the story of ridiculous circumstances played out by characters who behave as if the events were completely normal. Be amazed by the world premiere of “Dr. Xander T. Culpepper's Miracle Elixir Show of Miracles“But don’t expect to take any of his miraculous magical tonic; The demand is simply too high! Also on the Pennygaff stagefresh from a year of studying at the Royal Shakespeare Companythe buffoon of London's most hilarious chimney sweep, Jim Chiminey is warmly welcome!

Experience Mr. Dickens' wonderful stories told by hundreds of living history characters on the streets. Meet Mr. Scrooge, Tiny Tim, Oliver Twist, Nancy and many more characters from Mr. Dickens. Queen Victoria walks the streets of London with Albert and her court to mingle with the guests as only the royal family is allowed to do. You can join in Mr Samuel Pickwick He himself and his fellow “Pickwickians” tour London spreading cheer and hilarity. There are famous people everywhere in the city of London adventure club, or the Dickens Family Parlour, And the large exhibition stage All of this will undoubtedly take you back to a time long ago. Don't miss the brilliant inventor professor Flockmocker's workshop, and the international issue Silk Road Stage for exotic dances and special musical guest appearances.

For the The best of the fairstart a song or two Paddy West School of Seamanshipand then stroll down to Mad Sal's Dockside Ale House where Mad Sal himself will showcase bold new talents as well as tough favorites like the high-kicking dancers of the The Cancan Jewel in the Mad Sal's Dockside Music Hall. The gentlemen of Brass farthing gave the ladies a good, foamy beer with their exuberant songs Gin Alley Sally's Involve you musically in theirsSociety for the Appreciation of Libations and Spirits.' Later in the day the extremely popular and my favorite show production “The Outrageous”. “Perky French postcards Tableaux Revue” Delight adults over 18 with “Gods & Heroes,” a new episode from the personal life of Horatio And Letitia Everard. It's funny that I'm not allowed in with my camera… and neither is anyone else!

The Great Dickens Christmas Fair was originally produced in 1970 by Ron and Phyllis Patterson, inspired by their success Renaissance amusement market, which over time brought them to the San Francisco Bay Area Summer of love in 1967. The next generation, Kevin and Leslie Patterson, now along with their adult sons Andrew and Michael, have been producing the fair since 2000, continuing a 50-year family tradition and three generations of deeply immersive, historically authentic environmental theater. Anyone who loves and misses the authenticity of the old Renaissance fair will be thrilled and thrilled The Dickens Fairbecause thanks to the Patterson family's tireless attention to detail, all that old magic is still there and has never left.

“Every year we are inspired to be better than ever and are rewarded with the delight and surprise of our guests,” says Executive Director Kevin Patterson. “The holiday spirit of Charles Dickens and his London flourishes for several weeks – and we revel in the happiness and good humor of all in attendance.”

There are beautifully decorated shops and shopping carts offering fine crafts, imaginative clothing and accessories, jewelry, toys, and decorations for the holidays. Small accessories that you would never have thought would be discovered with great pleasure by buyers of all ages and desires.

One of my favorite sellers is the Sculptor cart, Rebecca love, who creates unique handcrafted ceramic life masks and body casts. Years ago I commissioned one of each for my wife Sandy, and they are actually some of our most treasured pieces of art at home. It is a pleasure to meet and work with Rebecca. There are also tiles and pottery, in styles and designs that only Rebecca can make. Take a look at their latest African masks.

Even though I don't play, I love it too Stephen Joynes' Fiddle Shop. Based in Palo Alto, California, Stephen performs restorations and repairs and runs his stand out of his love for the instruments. He told me, “I work from home.” My workshop is in my garage and my back yard…this is a retirement job for me…I travel to the West Coast and set up my instrument shop at music festivals. “Spreading the joy of music, especially among children, is a very rewarding pastime.” Anyone can appreciate the workmanship of these beautiful instruments. For more information, check out Steve Joynes on Pinterest.

Steven Overstreet Designs are a supporting pillar The Great Dickens Christmas Marketas well as Renaissance fairs everywhere. “I design my clothing for women to celebrate their inner and outer beauty.” I use color and texture as my fundamental tools. I dye most of the fabrics I use myself, mixing a range of colors not available any other way. Silk velvet is one of my favorite fabrics because of its incredible softness, drape and feel against the skin. “My designs, inspired by the Pre-Raphaelite art movement of the Victorian era, are romantic, sexy and artistic.”

Don & Andrea Thompson'S, Velvet chaos offers all forms of robes, skirts and dresses as well as cheeky “underwear”. You'll also find unique capes and coats for everyone, including velvet, silk and colorful cotton fabrics. The Thompson's create beautiful wardrobes for discerning adults and beautiful children. Come and enjoy our kindness and joy! The photos here are a small sampling of what is on offer and the ladies who help you try on a garment are charming and skilled at their craft.

When visiting merchants, the “AI R” symbol indicates merchants who handcraft the goods they sell. I encourage everyone to support artists of all genres and media.

Open Saturday, November 17, and runs Saturdays and Sundays (and the Friday after Thanksgiving) through December 23, 2018 from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m

WHERE: The Cow Palace Exhibition Halls, 2600 Geneva Avenue, Daly City, CA

PRICES: Tickets are select day. Visit to reserve your desired date.

General admission (13+): $30.00

Children aged 5-12: $14.00

Children under 5: Free

Group tickets: For groups of 20 people or more, please contact ti*****@gg************.com,

Active military: 1st and 2nd weekend Free entry:

Active military members receive FREE admission the first and second weekends!

(November 17th, 18th, 23rd, 24th and 25th only; photo ID required.)

The Scrooge special (Twilight ticket offer, available at the door only):

Adult Twilight Tickets, $18.00, Children's Twilight Tickets, $10.00, available after 3:00 p.m.:

Parking is available for $12 (charged by Cow Palace).

The fair offers a convenient shuttle service from the Glen Park BART station

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Contact me, Greg Autry, on social media: Facebook, Twitter @CGAGregAnd Instagram gregautry.cga . There are always more pictures!

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