The ‘Tree Twins’ unfold positivity and light-weight to San Francisco this vacation season

SAN FRANCISCO – It’s a pretty dark and cool night on Fillmore Street in San Francisco until the Tree Twins, two native San Franciscans dressed up as brightly-lit Christmas trees, show up around the corner.

“We come from the North Pole. We are sent by Santa and he sends us here into town to cheer people up for Christmas,” explains Tree One.

“I’m looking for something that will give me the holiday spirit and these two are not on the charts,” shares passer-by Penelope.
The Tree Twins have been beautifying people’s vacations for the past five years. “We have a crazy connection with Christmas. We love the whole spirit of it, the looks, the lights, the energy, the positivity!”
Find out more about the Tree Twins’ vacation adventures from 2020 here.

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