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These San Francisco houses bought for lower than $1M in November

Six-figure homes in San Francisco are an ultra-rare commodity, as our monthly perusal through Zillow listings has repeatedly proved. In November 2022, at least 11 properties sold for less than $1 million; as far as the world’s eighth-most expensive city is concerned, that’s actually (sadly) a solid number.

What does a home in the high hundreds of thousands of dollars actually get you, though? Usually, a few bedrooms, one bath (sometimes two) and, if you’re lucky, some refurbished interior space.

Below, check out our November Zillow findings, including a Potrero Hill steal, and some deeply depressing reality checks about how much these same properties went for in recent decades.

2034 19th Ave.

Neighborhood: Sunset District

Sold for: $905,000

The listing describes this two-bedroom, two-bathroom home as “livable but ready for a makeover.” If that doesn’t quite entice you, the bay windows on both floors and the fairly ample kitchen counter space might.

View the full listing on Zillow.

1998 25th St

Neighborhood: Potrero Hill

Sold for:

This semi-attached corner lot has five bedrooms and two baths across a surprisingly robust 2,285 square feet. It has a basement storage area, plus a studio/workshop lower level, a main level with a patio attachment and two (tiny) bedrooms on the top floor. Hard to find many San Francisco homes under seven figures with this much space.

View the full listing on Zillow.

140 Caine Ave.

Neighborhood: ocean view

Sold for:

A two-bedroom, one-bathroom home coming in around 1,000 square feet, 140 Caine Ave. sports a fresh exterior paint job, a remodeled kitchen and lots of natural light.

View the full listing on Zillow.

955 Goettingen St.

Neighborhood: Portola

Sold for:

The property at 955 Goettingen St. sold for well under its original asking price of $950,000. The listing says it’s three bedrooms and two baths but just 836 square feet.

View the full listing on Zillow.

448 Holladay Ave.

Neighborhood: Bernal Heights

Sold for:

There’s lots of work to be done at this property, which is marketed as a “contractor special” that could turn into either a five-bedroom, three-bathroom home or a triplex for an aspiring landlord. For now, there’s not much to speak of interior-wise.

View the full listing on Zillow.

1635 Kirkwood Ave.

Neighborhood: bay view

Sold for: $949,000

This Victorian-style home, originally constructed in 1907, is a decently sized 1,871 square feet, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It sold for the exact asking price.

View the full listing on Zillow.

178 Sadowa St.

Neighborhood: ocean view

Sold for: $938,000

It’s impossible to miss this brightly colored two-story property: a two-bedroom, one-bathroom home with refinished hardwood floors and an updated kitchen. For comparison’s sake, according to Zillow, 178 Sadowa St. sold in 1994 for $225,000. Small difference.

View the full listing on Zillow.

3859 San Bruno Ave.

Neighborhood: Little Hollywood

Sold for:

There isn’t much information available about this two-bedroom, one-bathroom home, save for another annoying blast from the past: In 2007, 3859 San Bruno Ave. sold for $530,000.

View the full listing on Zillow.

192 Shawnee Ave.

Neighborhood: outer mission

Sold for: $825,000

This four-bedroom, two-bathroom “fixer upper,” as it’s described, comes with a large backyard, but other details are sparse.

View the full listing on Zillow.

169 Talbert St.

Neighborhood: Visitacion Valley

Sold for:

This is a well-equipped, relatively spacious two-bedroom, one-bathroom home with a pretty-looking kitchen, a welcoming living room, a balcony and what appears to be an extensive garden.

View the full listing on Zillow.

4 Wright St

Neighborhood: Bernal Heights

Sold for: $820,000

A four-bedroom Bernal Heights find with two full baths, this property actually sold for well under its asking price of $949,000.

View the full listing on Zillow.

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