Thieves use stolen truck to steal Independence, Missouri handyman’s instruments

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — An Independence handyman said thieves were caught on camera stealing tools from his work truck at a local church.

A Kansas City, Missouri man saw the videos and believes his stolen truck was used to commit the crime.

“He walked over here, picked up a brick, carried it and smashed it right through the glass,” Chris Bryant said, telling FOX4 about his tools being stolen and his work truck being damaged.

Bryant said the Thanksgiving Day video showed two thieves smashing a window and stealing over $4,000 worth of tools from the truck.

Bryant works as a handyman for the Independence Church, where this happened. He said he was up the street at the time eating Thanksgiving dinner.

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“That makes you a little sad,” Bryant said.

Bryant’s family posted the videos online in hopes of identifying the thieves. They say they’ve since seen people selling valuable tools online.

“Don’t buy them, don’t endorse them, because sooner or later your tools could be next,” Bryant said.

Austin Stephens said he recognized his truck in the videos.

“I’m 100% sure that’s my truck,” Stephens said.

Stephens said he only heated up his truck for a few minutes on the morning of November 22 and someone took it from his driveway in Kansas City.

“It’s disappointing that my truck is being used for other crimes across the city and that other people are suffering as well,” Stephens said.

Stephens added concern that the thieves had returned.

He said once they set off a car alarm and on another occasion someone could be seen getting out of a car and trying to get into his garage, which was locked.

Both families want whoever is doing this to be stopped.

“I also want to be able to have that peace of mind and know that we’re not being terrorized all the time,” Stephens said. “It would be nice if these people were caught and solved.”

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Online crime data from the Independence Police show 32 vehicle and car thefts since November 22.

Officials say they historically see a spike in this type of crime at this time of year when people are warming up their cars or have valuable gifts inside.

“Get your life in order and leave other people’s lives alone,” Bryant said.

FOX4 confirmed that the Independence Police passed the information to KCPD to try to connect the cases and work together.

KCPD reported a three percent decrease in vehicle thefts from November 1st.

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