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[UPDATE 7:30 a.m.] After Battle at Miranda Bridge Between College students From Completely different Colleges, One Boy Despatched to Out of Space Hospital for Eight Hour Surgical procedure, One Lady Despatched to E.R.

Still from a video showing a multi-person battle at the Miranda Bridge.

Under the Miranda Bridge, about two miles from South Fork High School, a prize pool attracts local youth to the hospital – one for eight-hour Bay Area surgery for a broken jaw to repair.

Amanda Gamble said, according to Amanda Gamble, the mother of the youngster whose jaw was broken, “It was senior digging day for both the children of South Fork and Fortuna [both groups] ended up in the Miranda River Bar. “

Gamble said, “Most of the time [the two groups being at the beach] went well. “

But, she said that she was told, “The Fortuna children have been irritating her all day.” (Please note that we did not hear any version of what happened from Fortuna youth.)

When the day got later, many of the students had left the area. “There were only a few kids left,” explained Gamble. Gamble thought that the physical clashes started around 4:30 or 5:00 p.m. and continued for some time. She said as the clashes escalated, she believed several emergency calls were being made.

At around 5:30 p.m., the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office reported a patrol check in the area. Samantha Karges, spokeswoman for the Sheriff’s Department, told us on Friday: “When we arrived at the bridge … there were no injuries. The MPs contacted some people who could provide information about the incident, but the MPs did not find any victims. “

Later, according to Karges, “around 6:30 pm” the sheriff’s office received a call from a parent of one of the young people involved. According to the parents, the teenager suffered injuries to his jaw and hand after the incident. The youth had left the scene before the deputy arrived on the bridge. The youth was taken to a hospital outside the area for treatment for his injuries.

Gamble explained to us that their twin sons were both under the Miranda Bridge in the incident. She said she was told that some of the Fortuna teens started throwing stones at her son Cody’s friend.

Gamble said that Cody and his girlfriend went and went to the parking lot and about three of the Fortuna teens were aggressive towards them. “They threatened to take it [Cody’s girlfriend]“Said Gamble that she was told. She told us that Cody’s friend got in the car and tried to unlock it for him. “Before she could open Cody’s door, a child sucker hit Cody twice on both sides of his jaw. Cody swung onto the boy who hit him and then pushed him to the ground. And then the other two jumped at Cody. “

At that point, Gamble said that Cody’s brother John had arrived, pulled the kids off his brother, got him in the car, and told him to leave. Gamble said John “went back downstairs to try to end the fighting on the beach”. She says there were several clashes at this point.

She said that she was told that some of the students were drinking and that the Fortuna students were banding against individuals. “Neither of them fought one against one,” she said. “It was all a thrown up fight. If you’re too close, they’ll come after you. “

She said she heard: “[The Fortuna students] attacked a girl … She was small and caught one of the Fortuna children. “

Gamble says that when Cody got in the car and tried to speak to his girlfriend, “his jaw fell apart”. They went to the emergency room and Gamble said she got a call and said, “The Fortuna kids jumped on Cody.”

“When I heard that, I panicked,” she told us. She went to Garberville Hospital where she worked. “Cody hadn’t arrived when I got there,” she explained. Her colleagues were very helpful, she told us, and immediately started preparing for him. “They were ready and waiting for him when he got there,” she told us. “His jaw was broken in two places – one on each side of his face.”

The staff arranged a bed at the San Francisco General Trauma Hospital, Gamble explained. “Just as we were leaving, John came in with one of the girls who had been beaten up and dropped her off in the emergency room,” Gamble said. “She had a concussion.”

Still from a Fortuna kid attacking one of the South Fork girls

Still from a video of a Fortuna youth attacking a South Fork girl.

“My husband and I rushed Cody downstairs [to the Bay Area]”She said.” The entire facial reconstruction team was on site at the hospital. He was operated on at around 8:00 am. He was in the operation until about 5:00 am. “

She broke down sharing this part of her story and said, “It’s not something a parent or child should go through.”

The surgical team didn’t have to press his mouth shut, but they did have to put plates on either side of his jaw, Gamble said. “It will take 8 to 12 weeks for him to fully recover.”

Gamble wanted to repeat: “They weren’t all Fortuna children. It was only a select group of tyrants. Your moral code of ethics is wrong. “

She added, “We know the name of the attacker … and the sheriff’s department is investigating … The boy has a history of violent acts and behavior.” She said that the assistant assistant “has been very supportive and helpful … I feel like he’s really working with us …[but] There’s a process we have to go through … A lot of people want immediate justice, but it won’t be. “

HCSO spokesman Karges said: “The MPs have identified a possible suspect and are investigating the case.”

Gamble said they had a video of the events that were taking place. “I sent the deputy all the videos I have,” she told us, but she wanted to clarify with law enforcement agencies that if she shared it with us, it would not affect the attacker’s proceedings. She provided us with several stills from the video.

Gamble wanted to be sure and “thank the ambulance and radiology staff at Garberville Hospital.” And she said when she choked: “I want to thank the community for the huge support … The community came together and gathered around my child.”

UPDATE 7:30 am: According to Amanda Gamble, she spoke to the deputy sheriff who was handling her case and he told her she could share with us the videos she had collected from the fighting under the Miranda Bridge.


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