UPS Driver Brutally Attacked on San Francisco Road, Caught on Video

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Police are looking for two cheeky and slightly injured idiots who robbed a UPS driver in broad daylight – and another driver’s dash cam captured the entire incident, including the suspect’s weird escape.

The attack happened last week in busy downtown San Francisco, where a suspect – with a face mask – jumped out of a car and started calling a UPS driver. to beat Minh.

Minh told KPIX-TV that the attacker first stole a package from his shopping cart and it turned violent when he tried to get it back. Although he tried his best to fend off the blows, he said he was hit in the face and lost 2 teeth … in addition to a black eye.

The guy who hit Minh dropped the package and tried to jump into his buddy’s car – but when they tried to speed away the puncher HARD fell out of the moving vehicle !!!

That’s the only great part of this video. Well, that and the fact that the suspect’s license plate is clearly visible.

No arrests have been made yet, but from this video you’d think it is only a matter of time before the police track down these tools.

As for Minh, his foot was injured under the getaway car and he is now on crutches. There is a GoFundMe account founded to help him relax and support his family of 5.

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