Useful Should Deal with Employees as Staff, San Francisco Tells Decide

Septum. 02/23/2021, 12:38 am

  • App-based cleaning platform incorrectly classifies workers, the city says
  • Handy argues that an injunction would force a change in the business model

Handy Technologies Inc. must begin treating its workers as employees immediately because the app-based Handyman platform cannot demonstrate that it meets the requirements to be classified as an independent contractor under California law, the San prosecutor said Francisco with a state judge on Wednesday.

The city sued Handy in March for its worker grading practices. In May, San Francisco filed for an injunction, arguing that under California’s strict Worker Status Act, Assembly Bill 5, workers who use the cell phone platform are white-collar workers.

Handy exercises a great deal of control over its “pros,” the city claimed in its briefing, including a request to …

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