What Eyelash Extensions Are Most Popular?

Although lash extensions appear to be the same from afar, they come in a variety of styles. So, what are the most common kinds of eyelash extensions? If you’re considering getting extensions but aren’t sure what sort to get, this is the place to go to learn about the most prevalent types.

The most common lash extensions are synthetic, real silk fibers, or true mink fur. Each type has a different impact on your overall appearance. Synthetic lashes, for example, are the least expensive, but they can be thick and uncomfortable to wear.

False eyelashes aren’t all equal. There are many different fibers to pick from, but how can you know which ones are the best for you? Thus, we’re here to help you learn about the different types and how they fit into your personality and preferences.

What Eyelash Extensions Are Most Popular?

It’s not simple to pick from such a large selection of eyelash extensions. There are two types of eyelash extensions to consider: natural and artificial lashes. They come in various lengths, forms, and materials. You’ll need to choose between flat and curved extensions as well. 

Take into account the shape of your eyes when deciding what’s best for you. But, first, let’s talk about the most popular types of eyelash extensions.

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Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions

Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions are synthetic minks that are used to replace real mink lashes. If you have allergies to fur or have ethical problems – this eyelash is perfect for you. Faux mink lash extensions are somewhat thicker all throughout and have a more stiff form.

These extensions feature a subtle sheen and are slightly glossy for a more dramatic look. Faux mink eyelashes are popular among young females since they are more apparent. The most common form of eyelash extension is faux mink eyelash extensions.

Mink Eyelash Extensions

Celebrities and other renowned beauty vloggers favor mink eyelashes the most. This lash extension is extremely natural and fluffy because it is made of real mink fur. Keep in mind, however, that fluffy does not usually mean dense.

Minks are famous for having the most natural appearance. Just keep in mind that, like fur coats, fur lashes come at a premium. So this form of lash extension is ideal for those who want a natural, light, but luxurious appearance. 

These lashes are a little thinner than others due to their natural quality. As a result, because real mink lashes are so light, they won’t weigh down your natural lashes, they will last longer than other sorts.

Synthetic Silk Eyelash Extensions

The fibers in vegan eyelashes are made from the most up-to-date synthetic vegan fibers that are designed to look like real human lashes. Because silk is light and delicate, it is ideal for making fake eyelashes. Synthetic silk eyelashes also have a more flexible curl, giving them a softer feel and a more natural appearance. 

Although they aren’t from real silk, this type of lash extension offers delicate feels and effects. In addition, they are flat or matte black in tone, giving your eyes a more natural appearance. These lash extensions are ideal for folks who desire thicker lashes but don’t want their lash extensions to be visible.

Sable Eyelash Extensions

Sable lashes are made from the fur of a Sable. It is a Russian and Siberian forest animal. Sable lashes are extremely similar to mink lashes, although they are the thinnest of all the lashes. It’s the ideal choice for those who prefer naturally thin lash extensions to thicker ones. This form of lash extension gives your natural lashes a wispy appearance. It’s also quite easy to use.

But, which is a better option between silk and mink eyelashes? We’ve listed the benefits and drawbacks of vegan silk lashes vs. mink lashes. Check it out here.


There are various types of lash extensions, however, it is not always the most ‘popular’ that is best for you. Instead, consider what best meets your needs and, of course, your money. Make sure, however, that the lash extensions are applied by a professional beautician.

Now that you know what eyelash extensions are most popular – we hope you can pick the right one for you.

When eyelash extensions are applied on natural lashes that are too long or wide, the natural lashes may become damaged over time. Thus, scheduling an appointment with a professional lash specialist in Lost Gatos is advisable. 

When applied correctly, false eyelash strips will never tear your real lashes from their follicles. Because they rest immediately above the lash line, they aren’t attached to your natural lashes, but they do mix very beautifully. Make an appointment with one of our beauticians today.

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