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Which NFL Staff Takes Residence the Most Income?

Which NFL Team Takes Home the Most Revenue?

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The NFL generated over $20 billion in revenue last season, surpassing other major sports leagues by a landslide.

The Super Bowl alone drew a record-breaking 123 million viewers, while the season saw a surge in media and sports betting revenue. As a result, each team is taking home more than $400 million in media and sponsorship revenue from the NFL. Notably, multi-year broadcasting deals with ESPN, CBS, NBC, Fox, YouTube, and Amazon, valued at $125 billion, remain the league’s most significant revenue source.

This graphic shows the top NFL teams by revenue, using data from Forbes compiled by JP Morgan Asset Management.

Ranked: The Highest-Earning NFL Teams

Below, we show the revenue of each NFL team over the 2022-2023 season:

NFL Team Revenue
2022-2023 Season
Valuation 5 Year Revenue
Growth (Annualized)
Dallas Cowboys $1,140M $9.0B 4%
Las Vegas Raiders $729M $6.2B 15%
Los Angeles Rams $686M $6.9B 11%
New England Patriots $684M $7.0B 3%
New York Giants $639M $6.8B 4%
San Francisco 49ers $622M $6.0B 5%
Houston Texans $605M $5.5B 4%
Miami Dolphins $600M $5.7B 6%
Philadelphia Eagles $598M $5.8B 4%
Green Bay Packers $577M $4.6B 5%
Denver Broncos $563M $5.1B 5%
New York Jets $560M $6.1B 3%
Chicago Bears $556M $6.3B 4%
Seattle Seahawks $555M $5.0B 5%
Pittsburgh Steelers $548M $4.6B 5%
Washington Commanders $545M $6.1B 2%
Cleveland Browns $545M $4.6B 6%
Indianapolis Colts $545M $4.4B 7%
Atlanta Falcons $544M $4.7B 4%
Baltimore Ravens $544M $4.6B 4%
Minnesota Vikings $540M $4.7B 5%
Kansas City Chiefs $540M $4.3B 6%
New Orleans Saints $533M $4.1B 4%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers $531M $4.2B 6%
Carolina Panthers $530M $4.1B 5%
Los Angeles Chargers $518M $4.2B 7%
Jacksonville Jaguars $517M $4.0B 4%
Tennessee Titans $516M $4.4B 6%
Buffalo Bills $503M $3.7B 5%
Arizona Cardinals $500M $3.8B 5%
Cincinnati Bengals $498M $3.5B 6%
Detroit Lions $495M $3.6B 5%

The Dallas Cowboys generated $1.1 billion in revenue, outpacing the second-highest team, the Las Vegas Raiders, by $411 million.

As the most valuable sports franchise worldwide at $9 billion, the Cowboys have firmly cemented this title since overtaking Real Madrid in 2016. In 2023, the Cowboys earned more revenue in sponsorship deals than any other team in the league.

The marketing strategies of team owner, Jerry Jones, play a central role in the Cowboys’ earnings. Along with negotiating huge sponsorship deals, including a 10-year $200 million contract with Molson Coors, Jones operates and controls nearly every revenue stream of the Cowboys’ stadium. This includes the team’s merchandising arm, non-NFL events at AT&T stadium, and its hospitality management services through his company Legends, which runs concession and apparel sales.

Meanwhile, Super Bowl LVII & LVIII champions, the Kansas City Chiefs, took home $540 million, ranking in 22nd overall across 32 teams.

While figures haven’t been released for the most recent season, it’s likely that revenues have surged given Travis Kelce’s widely publicized relationship with Taylor Swift. A separate report showed that the Chiefs contributed $993.2 million to the Kansas City region in 2023. Overall, Kelce had the most brand partnerships across all players in the league, followed by Micah Parsons, Patrick Mahomes, and Josh Allen.

Ranking at the bottom were the Detroit Lions, with $495 million in revenue. It’s worth noting, however, the team generates more revenue than the Los Angeles Lakers, and practically every other NBA, NHL, and MLB team.

This circle graphic shows the top NFL teams by revenue in the 2022 to 2023 season.

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