World HVAC Tools Market Report 2021: Evaluation By Tools Kind (Heating, Cooling, Air flow), & Finish Person

Dublin, December 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Added the Global HVAC Equipment Market (2021 Edition) report to ResearchAndMarkets.com to offer.

The global HVAC equipment market was valued at $ 84.65 billion in 2020.

The global HVAC equipment market is experiencing lucrative growth due to the use of natural refrigerants such as CO2, coupled with increasing efforts by various governments around the world to promote energy efficient products is expected to drive the market.

Major factors driving the HVAC equipment market include the growth of new households, increasing average construction spending, increasing government spending on sustainable building development, rapid urbanization, and growth in disposable income in multiple economies.

The APAC region had the largest share of the global HVAC equipment market. Climate is a major factor that will drive demand for HVAC products in the APAC region.

Countries like Australia experience extreme climatic conditions. Countries in Southeast Asia like Thailand and Malaysia are known for their wet and humid climates. The population in the Asia-Pacific region is looking for energy-efficient air conditioning systems to compensate for hot and extreme weather conditions.

The COVID-19 pandemic is restricting the supply of HVAC equipment and other control components due to serious disruptions in the global supply chain. Therefore, the expected growth of the HVAC controls market in several application segments is expected to decline. With social distancing the primary way to contain the spread of the disease, many HVAC companies are being forced to either close temporarily, lay off employees, or switch to remote operations.

Cooling systems are mainly used in summer to maintain the comfort of an enclosed space by regulating the warm air through the supply of conditioned air. Cooling units have been divided into room air conditioners, split AC, single air conditioners, VRF systems, chillers, chillers and cooling towers.

The story goes on

HVAC systems provide the residents of a building or room with thermal comfort, accompanied by indoor air quality. HVAC systems used for residential purposes maintain a constant temperature, provide varying levels of humidity, and improve air quality.

These systems can be divided into local or central systems according to zones, locations and air distributions. In addition, increasing urbanization has resulted in increased adoption of residential HVAC systems

The report tracks competitive developments, strategies, mergers and acquisitions, and new product development.

The companies analyzed in the report include

Key topics covered:

1. Scope of report & methodology
1.1 Scope of the report
1.2 Research methodology
1.3 Summary

2. Strategic recommendations
2.1 Focus on mergers and acquisitions for better company growth
2.2 Focus on CO2 reduction
2.3 Increase spending on research and development

3. HVAC equipment market: product overview

4. Global HVAC Equipment Market: An Analysis
4.1 Market size, by value, year 2016-2020
4.2 Effects of COVID-19 on the HVAC equipment market
4.3 Global HVAC Equipment Market: Growth and Forecast

5.Global HVAC Equipment Market Segmentation By Device Type (Value)
5.1 Global HVAC Equipment Market: Segment Analysis
5.2 HVAC Equipment Market Competitive Scenario: By Device Type (2020 & 2026)
5.3 By Heaters – Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
5.3.1 HVAC Equipment Market Competitive Scenario: By Heaters (2020 & 2026)
5.3.2 Heating Devices Sub-segment – Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
5.4 By Refrigeration Equipment – Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
5.4.1 HVAC Equipment Market Competitive Scenario: After Cooling Equipment (2020 & 2026)
5.4.2 Refrigeration Equipment Subsegment – Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
5.5 By Air Handling Units – Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
5.5.1 HVAC Equipment Market Competitive Scenario: By Ventilation Equipment (2020 & 2026)
5.5.2 Ventilators Sub-Segment – Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)

6. Global HVAC Equipment Market Segmentation By End-User (Value)
6.1 Global HVAC Equipment Market: Segment Analysis
6.2 HVAC Equipment Market Competitive Scenario: By End User (2020 & 2026)
6.3 By housing market size and forecast (2016-2026)
6.4 By Commercial Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
6.5 by Industry Market Size and Forecast (2016-2026)

7. Global HVAC Equipment Market: Regional Analysis
7.1 Global HVAC Equipment Market Competitive Scenario: By Region (2020 & 2026)

8.HVAC Equipment Market In America: An Analysis (2016-2026)
8.1 America HVAC Equipment Market by Value: Size and Forecast (2016-2026)
8.2 HVAC Equipment Market in America: Well-known Companies
8.3 Market segmentation by device type (heating devices, cooling devices, ventilation devices)
8.4 Market segmentation by end user (residential, commercial, industrial)
8.5 America’s HVAC Equipment Market: Segment Analysis
8.6 America’s HVAC Equipment Market: Country Analysis
8.7 America HVAC Equipment Market Opportunity Chart – By Country, By Value (Year-2026)
8.8 Americas HVAC Equipment Market Competitive Scenario – By Country (2020 & 2026)

9.Europe HVAC Equipment Market: An Analysis (2016-2026)

10. Asia Pacific HVAC Equipment Market: An Analysis (2016-2026)

11. Global HVAC Equipment Market Dynamics
11.1 Global market drivers for air conditioning
11.2 Global HVAC Equipment Market Restrictions
11.3 Global HVAC Equipment Market Trends

12. Market attractiveness and strategic analysis
12.1 Market Attractiveness Chart of Global HVAC Equipment Market – By Equipment Type (Year 2026)
12.2 Market Attractiveness Chart of Global HVAC Equipment Market – By End-User (Year 2026)
12.3 Market Attractiveness Chart of Global HVAC Equipment Market – By Region (Year 2026)

13. Competitive landscape
13.1 Market Share of Leading Companies

14. Company profiles (business description, financial analysis, business strategy)

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