10 Tips For Packing Fragile Items

Packing is stressful and making sure that fragile objects don’t get broken during the move adds to the anxiety. So, we’ve got some tips for packing fragile items to help you get started. Allow yourself a few hours – or days – to thoroughly prepare and pack your belongings with this in mind. The more you plan ahead of time, the less likely you are to make a mistake in your next move.

First, create a packing strategy. Then, make sure you have the essential packing items you need. Next, you can wrap fragile items with packing paper and bubble wrap. Don’t be afraid to use various sizes of boxes, but don’t forget to place some padding inside the boxes.

There’s a lot to consider when moving into a new house, especially after tallying up all the family antiques and valuable breakables you’ve amassed over the years. But don’t be concerned; we’ve got your back!

10 Tips For Packing Fragile Items

Packing plates, antiques, and other breakable belongings take plenty of time and planning, so here are ten tips for packing fragile items:

Create a packing strategy

Before packing any of your delicate belongings, get a basic understanding of the fragile items you own and plan how you’ll pack them alongside similar products. It takes time to properly pack your fragile belongings and should not be rushed. If you plan ahead, you should carefully pack your valuables to ensure that they reach securely at your new home.

Make sure you have the essential packing items you need

Don’t be frightened to save money because moving is expensive. Join the Freecycle Network, contact your local Buy Nothing group, and look via online classified ads. Make sure to be as specific as possible with your request. Dish bags, for example, are in high demand for transporting fragile products since they can secure kitchen and bakeware. They are, nevertheless, quite costly. Fortunately, online markets make it much easier to connect with people who may have what you’re looking for for free.

Wrap fragile items with packing paper and bubble wrap

To protect your possessions during a move, it’s vital to stock up on packing materials ahead of time. Use plenty of packing paper as a shock-absorbing layer within your boxes to fill up space, since it should be the first line of defense for fragile things. Furthermore, bubble wrap provides a vital second layer of protection for your sensitive products by providing additional insulation during shipment.

Don’t be afraid to use various sizes of boxes

While it may seem that buying boxes of the same size will save you time while packing, it is actually better to buy a variety of sizes. Heavy objects, for example, should be placed within smaller boxes, while lighter ones should be placed on top of them in larger boxes. You’ll be able to better manage your space while hauling boxes in the back of trucks if you have more variety.

Place some padding on top and below the boxes

Place a layer of paper or bubble wrap at the bottom of each box. This extra layer of padding will keep boxes from shattering when they are stacked or moved. When boxing kitchen items or dishware, use table linens or dish towels as protective covers—plus, you’ll have less things to pack later.

Then, before taping the box shut, add a top layer of packing material to keep your items snug and stable.


Packing fragile items is one of the most difficult tasks of moving. It’s fair to be concerned that these items will break down in transit. Because boxes go through a lot of handling during a move, it’s vital to take extra steps with your valuables to ensure their safety and protection.

The way you pack your fragile objects is the first step in protecting them. However, it would always be better to employ extra caution regarding the instruments and strategies you use. It is possible to transport even the most fragile goods without causing damage if you take extra care and attention when packing them.

We hope that these tips for packing fragile items helped you. If you ever find yourself stressed out about any packing situation, you can always rely on the best moving companies in Santa Cruz. We can help! Contact us today to learn more.

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