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3-bedroom East Bay residence with ‘nice potential’ on marketplace for $1.6M

(KRON) — A one-story, three-bedroom property in Livermore is on the market for $1,600,000, according to a listing by real estate company MetroList. The 1,067-square-foot home is described as having “great potential for multi-residential development,” the listing read in part.

For a three-bedroom home in the East Bay, most would expect a lot more from a property that is well over $1 million. The “fixer-upper,” located at 490 School St., seems applicable to this notion.

The listing goes on to call this property a “prime piece of real estate,” adding it is in a “highly desirable location.” The house is right across the street from Livermore High School.

According to the listing, the 0.55-acre property can be renovated and redeveloped into four duplex units.

Pictures posted on the MetroList listing suggest this home itself isn’t exactly worth a million dollars. The rather worn-down house (at least from the exterior) doesn’t seem to match the high price point for a property 45 miles outside of San Francisco.

The average home price in Livermore is $1,190,737, according to Zillow.

Earlier in the week, another “fixer-upper” hit the market in the Bay Area. A seven-bedroom house in San Jose was listed for $699,000. Santa Clara County officials called the home “unfit for human occupancy.”

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