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BloomTech Launches New CareerFlow Studying Expertise, Offering College students a Versatile Method to Incomes a Excessive-Paying Tech Job

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Aspiring tech professionals can now apply to BloomTech’s CareerFlow learning experience, being unveiled today via live stream, which is a new approach that empowers more people than ever to achieve life-changing increases in income. The new CareerFlow learning experience provides a seamless, direct path from Day One of all BloomTech programs straight to a well paying job. No matter their starting point, students can gain the skills needed to fill in-demand tech positions, faster.

“Our new flexible, live learning experience removes a critical barrier to gaining the skills that lead to a higher income,” said Austen Allred, Co-founder and CEO of BloomTech. “More people than ever will have the opportunity to get the kind of education that can transform their lives and even reverse generational patterns of poverty—on their schedule. Our approach of teaching exactly the skills employers want, without any filler, also addresses the skills gap that is holding back the economy.”

Get the skills that employers want at your pace, on your schedule, for your goals

Building on BloomTech’s time-proven curriculum, the CareerFlow learning experience adds greater flexibility to its direct path to a well paying job. Now more people, in more life circumstances, can earn a higher income via a career in web development, backend development, and data science.

“Joining BloomTech and completing the program was the greatest decision I’ve ever made in my life,” says Stu Darsey, who graduated from BloomTech in 2021. Darsey had worked in dozens of jobs, from barista to chimney sweep, and had no coding experience before he enrolled in BloomTech. Now he is a full stack engineer, saving up to buy a house, and earning a salary that shocked his family. “I’m now in a position where I’m building applications that change people’s lives. It’s all because BloomTech offers such flexibility in how you can learn and when you can learn.”

Students of BloomTech can access its team of experts and more live instruction than ever, 7 days a week. This means that learners can take control of their education and their future—whether they choose to blaze through their program at top speed or balance learning with work and family—with BloomTech support guiding the way.

BloomTech CareerFlow features include:

  • Customized Flexible Learning – Learners choose when to access live instruction and on-demand sessions from experts 7 days a week. They can accelerate or slow down their progress at any point, enabling them to achieve a “flow state” of learning and retain more knowledge.

  • 1:1 Career Support – BloomTech analyzes company data to understand the actions that lead to job offers, then designs its career support so learners get higher paying jobs, faster. Personalized career support begins on Day 1 and includes preparing for interviews, practicing whiteboarding and technical assessments, building a resume and portfolio, gaining the confidence to negotiate, and more.

  • Real-World Experience – Assignments mirror the problems professionals tackle every day. Learners also work with a team of peers to build a real product for a real client. With these practical skills and hands-on coding experience, learners graduate ready to thrive in well paying technical roles.

  • Accessible Tuition Options – Financial circumstances should not dictate who has the ability to land a better job and earn more money. BloomTech works diligently to expand accessibility to results-driven education. Learners can choose from flexible tuition payment options, including the Outcomes-Based Loan. This popular option requires zero tuition up front and is covered by the 110% Tuition Refund Guarantee. The guarantee means that if learners follow the BloomTech job search program and don’t get job offers paying at least $50,000 a year within a year of graduation, the company will refund their full tuition plus pay an additional 10% of their tuition. (Terms apply.)

Applications are now open for BloomTech’s CareerFlow learning experience, which will go live on July 18, 2022. Please visit:

About BloomTech:

BloomTech designed everything within its learning experience with one goal: to help learners get a well paying job, faster, and with less risk. The innovative edtech company teaches the skills employers want plus supports learners in the job search, every step of the way.

Founded in 2017, Bloom Institute of Technology (formerly Lambda School and also known as BloomTech) was built on the premise that traditional higher education is broken. Too many people are left out and left behind, leaving them without the opportunities that come from a well paying job. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, but is proud to be a remote-first organization, employing leaders from all corners of the US

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