Couple who examined constructive for coronavirus earlier than San Francisco flight to Hawaii arrested after boarding airplane

SAN FRANCISCO – A Hawaiian couple who traveled to Kaua’i from San Francisco International Airport (SFO) were arrested for being on the flight when they knew they were positive for COVID-19, the mayor said from Kaua’i with.

The man and woman are Kaua’i residents who tested positive during pre-travel screenings prior to their United Airlines flight from SFO over the weekend.

You are charged with reckless second degree endangerment and are currently in isolation. Contact tracing is done to notify anyone who needs to be quarantined.

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The two cases have increased the total number of currently positive cases on the island of Kaua’i from 15 to 17. The cumulative number of cases on the island is 131.

Starting Wednesday, all travelers arriving in Kaua’i will be subject to a 14-day self-quarantine, regardless of the tests.

Our sister broadcaster KGO-TV contacted United Airlines and returned the following statement:

“The health and safety of our employees and customers is our top priority. This is why we have implemented various policies and procedures as part of a layered approach to creating a safer travel environment. Before traveling, all United customers are required to complete a checklist for the Complete Flight Readiness Level confirming no diagnosis of COVID-19 has been made in the past 14 days. We are investigating this matter further to assess the ability of these passengers to fly United in the future. ”

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