Handyman discovered responsible of beating 75-year-old tenant to demise, DC officers say

A handyman was found guilty of beating an older tenant, leading to his death, Washington, DC, officials said.

Clifton Browne, 57, was making repairs on a home in September 2021 when the reported attack occurred, according to a Jan. 18 statement from the US Attorney’s Office for Washington, DC, which cited trial evidence.

An attorney for Browne could not immediately be reached for comment by McClatchy News.

While standing outside the home’s basement apartment, Browne began arguing with the tenant, 75-year-old Luther Brooks, through the closed door, officials said.

Brooks eventually flung open the door, and struck Browne with a stick, knocking him to the ground, officials said.

Browne then purportedly “charged at” Brooks and beat him until he was “babbling incoherently,” officials said.

Afterward, officials allege Browne dragged him outside and “dumped him in a concrete stairwell,” where, unable to sit up, he fell back and injured his head on the concrete.

Brooks was transported to the George Washington University Hospital with a fractured skull and ribs and lost consciousness hours later, the attorney’s office said. He was taken off life support less than two weeks later, and he died.

An autopsy revealed Brooks had died from blunt force trauma, and his death was ruled a homicide, according to the Metropolitan Police Department.

At Browne’s trial, a medical expert confirmed that Brooks’ fractured ribs inhibited his breathing, resulting in his death, according to the DC Witness, a crime reporting publication.

A neighbor who witnessed the attack told the jury she saw “someone holding a large object and swinging it over his head repeatedly,” the outlet reported. “Somebody was very angry, cussing and very loud,” she said.

The jury found Browne guilty of voluntary manslaughter on Jan. 18, officials said. He is scheduled for a sentencing hearing on May 5.

Luther Brooks was an avid photographer and Vietnam veteran, according to an online obituary.

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