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How Warriors’ Steph Curry has promised to assist James Wiseman’s rookie growth

Stephen Curry returned Monday from a tailbone contusion that cost him five games. The Warriors point guard plans to renew its chemistry-building efforts with rookie center James Wiseman.

“We’re working on putting some repetitions together, even in practice, so he can somehow understand the angles, my pace, how I see these readings, how teams will defend me, and how he can make these subtle adjustments.” Curry said before Monday’s game against Chicago. “To be able to set up good screens, roll, find the right angles of attack and the chemistry for the passes that I do. The more time you’re out there, that’s a big part of what we do. “

Pick and roll is a big part of what Curry does – mostly with Draymond Green – as the two-time MVP joins the conversation about the award again. At 7.95, Curry’s net rating average (points per 100 possessions on the floor minus 100 points allowed per possession on the floor) was only second behind LeBron James 9.20 until Sunday.

As stellar as Curry’s numbers are this season, they are terrible when Wiseman is on the court.

Two-man combinations of Curry and Kent Bazemore (plus-129 cumulative), Bazemore and Green (plus-101), and Curry and Green (plus-99) form the Warriors’ best two-player groups to outperform an opponent .

Curry and Wiseman had been on the field for 440 minutes and were beaten by 79 points. The only worse teammates were Wiseman and Kelly Oubre Jr. (minus-105), Oubre and Andrew Wiggins (minus-119), Oubre and Eric Paschall (minus-124), and Wiggins and Wiseman (minus-164).

“He loves basketball. He cares. You can see it in his body language, ”said Bob Myers, General Manager of Warriors, of Wiseman, number 2 overall. “He has to learn how much he cares about it and how to overcome some of the mistakes. But he’s a really wonderful kid. He wants it. You build on that with someone with such raw talent that they bring in the work. He puts in work, and that ultimately shows up consistently. “

Wiseman has had a season like no other. At 19, an NCAA investigation restricted him to three college games in Memphis. Without a summer league, he reported to the training camp, a positive coronavirus test cost him the exhibition season.

He was pushed into the starting XI in a marquee game in Brooklyn, only to lose the spot after 16 games. A wrist injury left him incapacitated for 11 games, and a missed coronavirus test resulted in him sitting on the bench against the Clippers for three-quarters.

“I just want him to have fun. I want him to relax and play. He’s 19, ”said Warriors head coach Steve Kerr. “This stuff can’t happen overnight. As much as everyone wants it to happen overnight – be it James, our coaching staff, our organization or our fans – it doesn’t happen overnight. So we have to help James with this process. Really, the best he can do is enjoy himself.

“It’s very stressful being number 2 and being in the spotlight and all that. Things haven’t been going that way lately, but he’s so talented. He’ll be fine, but I’d love to see him relax and play. “

Curry can certainly help with all of this, and he wants to.

Rusty Simmons is a contributor to the San Francisco Chronicle. Email: Twitter: @Rusty_SFChron

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