Immersive Monet Exhibit Debuts In San Francisco This December

Following the success of several Vincent Van Gogh interactive exhibitions in the United States – including Immersive Van Gogh and Van Gogh Alive – a new immersive art exhibition featuring works by French painter Claude Monet will debut in San Francisco in December.

Monet at the water commemorates the 180th birthday of the French painter. Other stops on the multi-city tour are Minneapolis, Atlanta, Seattle, Miami, Denver, St. Louis and Philadelphia.

Much like the immersive exhibits by Dutch painter Van Gogh, the Monet touring exhibition will use 21st century technology to bring Monet’s impressionist paintings, such as his famous Water Lilies series, to life.

According to one of the exhibition producers, CBF Productions, the “360-degree multi-sensor experience” includes more than 300 works of Monet’s art, which are projected onto 8 meter high screens, accompanied by original music and sound effects. It will be 40,000 square feet and visitors will be able to wander through the 60 minute experience.

Details about dates and locations not yet known

Information on specific locations and dates for Monet by the Water is still under lock and key. In fact, the event space for the San Francisco debut is only described as a “secret place”.

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According to CBF Productions, the exhibit is designed to provide guests with a unified experience, as opposed to some immersive exhibits that tailor their experience to the venue.

“We see Monet as a pioneer of immersion who completely surrounds people with the beauty and precision of his colors,” said Ricardo Dotta, co-founder of Mira, the Museum of Immersive Roaming Arts, another event producer. “In honor of this idea, we want Monet by the Water to expand his work through technological possibilities and create spaces in which the landscape corresponds to the viewer’s scale.”

Another impressive Monet exhibition is coming to the United States

As with the competing Van Gogh immersive exhibitions, there are several Monet digital exhibits.

Claude Monet: The Immersive Experience is currently located in Naples, Italy. It is set to debut in Los Angeles in November – also in a “secret location”. Tickets to the Los Angeles show are available for $ 44.90 each. Details on dates and a location for an exhibition in Chicago will be released shortly.

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