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Packers dwelling ticket prices lower month after schedule launch, nonetheless amongst priciest in NFL on resale market

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WFRV) – The NFL schedule was released on May 15, and immediately after, ticket prices for each team’s home game were posted across the internet.

Back on May 17, SeatGeek tickets for the Green Bay Packers nine regular season home games averaged around $277 each for two tickets and $301 for a quartet.

Just over a month later, those prices have gone down. But, for cheeseheads looking for just a singular SeatGeek ticket, prepare for one of the heftiest average prices in the NFL.

For just a single regular-season ticket, the Packers are the second most expensive NFC North team on SeatGeek.com, just ahead of their long-time rival Chicago Bears.

NFL Team Average single-game ticket price (One ticket)
1. Detroit Lions $368.44
2. Green Bay Packers $247.44
3. Chicago Bears $238.00
4. Minnesota Vikings $117.50
Prices from SeatGeek.com, fees included. These prices are based on those looking for a single ticket.

For fans looking to attend a Packers home game in pairs, the average cost (with fees) is $240.44 per ticket. If you’re looking to buy four tickets, the average price goes up to $258.67 per person.

Opponent and Date Two Tickets (5/17) Four Tickets (5/17) Two Tickets (6/25) Four Tickets (6/25)
Indianapolis Colts (Sept. 15) $330 $336 $304 $345
Minnesota Vikings (Sept. 29) $330 $396 $388 $418
Arizona Cardinals (Oct. 13) $262 $269 $215 $215
Houston Texans (Oct. 20) $275 $312 $249 $256
Detroit Lions (Nov. 3) $330 $360 $304 $304
San Francisco 49ers (Nov. 24) $330 $336 $239 $268
Miami Dolphins (Nov. 28) $226 $225 $167 $196
New Orleans Saints (Dec. 23) $164 $173 $95 $117
Chicago Bears (TBD) $249 $298 $203 $209
Average $277 $301 $240 $259
Prices from SeatGeek.com and include fees.

The youngest team in the NFL in 2023, the Packers return with a youth movement again, as the future looks bright with fifth-year quarterback Jordan Love under center for his second season as the starter.

The Packers’ regular season kicks off on Sept. 6 in São Paulo, for the NFL’s first-ever regular season game in Brazil.

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