Practically 200 San Francisco Police Workers Request Non secular Exemptions To Vaccine Mandate

To date, about 91 percent of the San Francisco government’s more than 35,000 employees have met the city’s vaccine mandate. However, around 360 city police personnel do not have this, and just over half of them have applied for a religious exemption from vaccination.

According to the city’s vaccination mandate, employees working in high-risk areas must be vaccinated by October 13th. All other municipal employees must be vaccinated by November 1st. Some have threatened to sue the city or resign over the mandate.

The city’s Department of Personnel said it has tentatively approved 157 exemptions so far. Despite the exception rules, employees could be reassigned to other roles, taken on leave or ordered to work remotely. This could be a problem for some of the city cops.

Police are making progress in suspending the few employees who have refused to provide vaccination status by August 12th.

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