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Ring Movies Present Creepy Encounters By Man Exterior Residence Of Frightened Mother – CBS San Francisco

SACRAMENTO (KOVR-TV) – A California mother of four fears for the safety of her young family and wants law enforcement to take action after her doorbell captured a man who has come on her door four times in the past few weeks, including late at night , and claims to come from social services.

The woman, who asked not to be identified out of fear for her safety, said she had called 911 every time and so far the sheriff’s office had answered but neither quoted nor arrested the man.

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The series of ring videos shows the man and also records audio of the man.

“Yes, I’m with the social services,” he says in a video.

“You know, I hear a child crying, a little baby,” he says in another video.

A response from the frightened mother can be heard in the video. “You have to go,” she yells. “I’m calling the police.”

“I don’t know what to do, how to protect myself because I have no men at home,” she told CBS station KOVR-TV in Sacramento.

She says every time the husband came to her home, her husband left. She was home alone with her four children and believes the man knows. “He keeps wanting to come in, you know, because he keeps saying, ‘I want to come in, I have to come in,’ and he claims to come from social services,” she says.

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KOVR TV reporter Steve Large went to the man’s house to ask him why he kept knocking on the family door.

“I don’t go over there irritating them, I go over there every now and then to see if anyone is okay,” said the man.

“Did the sheriff’s department tell you not to go there anymore?” Large asked him.

“They did, so I said,” OK, I won’t do it, I won’t go there anymore, “said the man.

“But you went there yesterday?” In great demand.

“No, it wasn’t yesterday,” said the man.

Sacramento attorney Mark Reichel is an expert on civil harassment orders in California. He believes this man is breaking state law, and even if MPs fail to arrest him, a civil harassment order that a judge would grant can be filed against him.

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“This repeated annoyance and disturbance in this house when the husband is gone is a pattern, it’s predictable, it’s not right,” Reichel said.

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