San Francisco Mayor London Breed Defends Dancing Maskless at Crowded Nightclub

The Mayoress of San Francisco comes under fire after she was accused of breaking her own COVID rules while dancing maskless in a crowded nightclub. On Thursday evening, Mayor of London celebrated Breed without covering his face at the Black Cat Club – and someone recorded everything on tape. CBS5 KPIX reports that the mayor is now defending her behavior. “We don’t need the funny police force coming in to micromanage us and tell us what to do or not to do,” said Breed. She insists that she obeyed her town’s health codes because she was actively drinking at the time; ergo no masks were necessary. But video footage shows her getting up to dance. “I got up and started dancing because I felt the ghost and wasn’t thinking of a mask,” said Breed. In the previous weeks, she had warned San Francisco residents to avoid large gatherings. Breed previously faced controversy after attending the infamous French Laundry Dinner with California Governor Gavin Newsom.

Read it below CBS5 KPIX

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