San Francisco workforce introduces energy-efficient HVAC system ‘Quilt’

San Francisco industrial design team Mike&Maaike is teaming up with a heating and cooling technology startup to revolutionize HVAC systems with a product called “Quilt.”

Quilt is a unique HVAC system that focuses on functionality and simplicity, with a refreshing design that promises to change the conventional perception of HVAC systems around the world.

By striking a balance between technology, efficiency and aesthetics, the partnership aims to redefine the norms within the industry.

One of Quilt's key features is its use of energy-saving ductless heat pump technology. Popular in European and Asian markets, this technology signals a global shift towards more environmentally friendly choices within the industry.

The Quilt differs from conventional mini-split units in that it offers the possibility of individual design that adapts to different home aesthetics.

Introducing Quilt: Aesthetic, Efficient HVAC System

Available with a white oak veneer front panel or in pristine white, Quilt is designed to suit a wide range of visual preferences.

In addition to its visual appeal, other features of the quilt include ribbed details, low noise levels and a compact size, making it ideal for small spaces.

The device features a smart Quilt Dial thermostat that can be wall mounted or used freestanding. The Quilt Dial allows remote control via a dedicated app and offers scheduling, energy saving modes and energy monitoring features.

Finally, Quilt features an outdoor condensing unit with a sleek matte black finish that operates at a moderate noise level. Quilt earned the title of Energy Star Most Efficient System and its impressive energy efficiency ratings are evidenced by its SEER2:25 rating and heating efficiency factor of 2 out of 11.

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