The Pulte Household Publicizes Funding in Quickest Rising Los Angeles HVAC Firm, Absolute Airflow

BOCA RATON, Fla., Aug 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Pulte Family, known in homebuilding for Bill Pulte’s experience inside of Pulte Homes now PulteGroup Inc, has completed a substantial investment in Los Angeles’s Fastest growing home services company, Absolute Airflow.

“Victor Rancour, Founder and CEO of Absolute Airflow, reminds me a lot of my grandfather and Founder of Pulte Homes, Bill Pulte. Like my grandfather Victor created his company with just a dream and one of his friends. Now four years later Absolute Airflow is one of the leading HVAC companies in Southern California,” said Bill PulteCEO of Pulte Capital and Former Independent Director of PulteGroup Inc.

“We are delighted to have The Pulte Family’s investment and substantial ownership in Absolute Airflow, as they have been tremendously helpful already, and we look forward to continuing to build this company with The Pulte Family,” said Victor Rancour, Founder of Absolute Airflow.

“When Bill Pulte founded Pulte Homes he was heavily involved in the daily operations of the company for 60 years. He always felt that a good founder and leader knew what was going on at every level of their company and they were willing to get their hands “Dirty right next to their employees when it was needed. Victor is known for doing this at Absolute Airflow. He goes out to jobsites regularly, knows every little detail of the job, and mentors his team extensively. The Pulte Family feels that with these qualities Victor and his team at Absolute Airflow will thrive while implementing parts of The Pulte Plan that Bill Pulte created as a playbook to run a successful business,” said a spokesperson for The Pulte Family

The Pulte Family may or may not disclose its sale of these securities and reserves the right to acquire more or dispose of said securities without notification.

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The Pulte Family

William J. “Bill” Pulte founded Pulte Homes, today PulteGroup Inc, in 1950 at age 18. Over the decades, Bill Pulte built Pulte Homes into The #1 USA home builder. In 2016, after retiring the first time, William J Pulte (1932-2018) and Bill Pulte (b. 1988), his grandson, successfully turned PulteGroup Inc around, even when non-business family members supported the failed Dugas Management Team versus the Pulte Homes Founder William J Pulte. Mr. Pulte (b. 1988) was a PulteGroup Director from 2016-2020. Bill Pulte’s Twitter Philanthropy became a giant success starting in June 2019, helping thousands of people and inspiring millions of people worldwide. Even after the passing of William J Pulte (1932-2018), their work together continues through a collection of Pulte founded organizations, including The Bill Pulte Foundation. The Pulte Family has multiple companies and investment vehicles.

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