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Some San Francisco residents may quickly have possibility of getting vaccinated at residence

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – As we near reopening of the state on June 15, counties in the Bay Area like Marin and San Francisco are deploying mobile vaccine groups to lower vaccine barriers and get the rest of the population vaccinated.

The San Francisco Department of Health’s COVID command team is conducting an informative door-to-door outreach to reach the hardest-hit communities.

The Latino Task Force is preparing to vaccinate some residents from the comfort of their homes.

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65 percent of San Francisco residents are fully vaccinated. According to experts, at least 75% of the population must be protected in order to achieve herd immunity. The focus now is on making vaccination easier for the rest of the population.

“The remaining pockets of people who didn’t have time to get vaccinated or didn’t know how to do it just had no logistics,” said Joe DeRisi, PhD – co-president of the Chan Zuckerberg Biohub and a director of Unidos en Salud Teams.

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The San Francisco Department of Health is deploying mobile vaccine units aimed at those unable to leave their homes or who have not had access to transportation to get to a vaccination site.

“For example, senior residences or senior complex apartments that are vaccinated. Also the single-room hotels of the SRO. People whose living conditions are overcrowded, so the risk of infection is greater,” said Berta Hernandez from the SFDP COVID-19 command center.

UCSF and the parish groups Unidos en Salud and the Latino Task Force are advancing the city’s strategy in the mission district.

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“We’re going door-to-door. We’re creating a brand new campaign,” said Susana Rojas, communications chair for the Latino Task Force, adding, “Vaccinate people at home and make a lot more pop-ups. I’m not trying to vaccinate 100 people but maybe 20, 15, 16. “

Unidos en Salud volunteers go out six times a week to make contact with at least 500 people a day. Your goal is to continue to schedule a vaccine appointment in two weeks. Many of these recordings are handed in at home.

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Dr. Joe DeRisi supports strategic reach and says it is key to preventing the COVID-19 mutation.

“It’s really important to keep everyone safe because when there are pockets of people who are unprotected, the virus can have a reservoir, a place to go from person to person,” said Dr. DeRisi.

Luz Pena: “If a San Francisco resident wants to be vaccinated at home, what should they do?”

Berta Hernandez: “At the moment you have to speak to your service provider. If you are in contact with an organization from which you receive services. That would be the best thing you can do now.”

The California Department of Health also sends its own text messages with links to the MyTurn website to make it easier to book appointments at local locations.

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