Tesla to Create HVAC with HEPA Filter, Elon Musk Confirms on Future Merchandise Listing

Tesla may soon be bringing an HVAC with a HEPA filter on its systems in the future, which Elon Musk recently talked about online with a fan asking for the technology. The tech CEO said that this device is already on the “future product list” of the company’s future ventures, which is highly applicable in Austin, Texas.

Tesla HVAC with HEPA Filter for Better Air Quality

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Tesla may have something other than clean energy in its future ventures, especially with an upcoming focus on a product that is somehow different from its current releases. A Twitter user asked the tech CEO regarding the possibility of having an HVAC with a HEPA filter that would help him with his allergies, and it is something that the fan asks from Tesla.

HVAC is heating, ventilation, and air conditioning in one system, primarily for ducts in public places like malls, restaurants, gyms, coliseums, stadiums, and more. The user asked if it could be applicable as a device, something that Tesla or Elon Musk would make available from its devices that debut to the public.

The focus is to improve air quality, which would help avoid allergies to the air.

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Tesla HVAC: Musk Says it’s on the Future List

It’s on the future product list. Especially important in places like Austin, which has next-level amounts of pollen in the air.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) July 18, 2022

The tech CEO replied to the tweet and said it is already on the future product list, which the company is already working on alongside the top executive. Musk said that it is “especially important” for Austin and other places that suffer from the same situation, particularly with “next-level” pollen in the air.

It may be a device that the company would work on, as its electric vehicles have already adapted HEPA filters for its HVAC system.

Tesla and its Many Ventures on Tech

There are many technological advancements to Tesla’s releases, and it does not end with its electric vehicle ventures that bring the world clean energy transportation for mobility. One of the top focuses of the company is its power delivery for all. It includes a Virtual Power Plant that the company will answer with Powerwalls that will send electricity to the grid.

Another of Tesla’s focus is to bring more features to its electric vehicle that the drivers or passengers may use along the drive, and it would help them with entertainment and access to the many possibilities with it. Its latest addition to its infotainment system is the Steam Integration, which would allow the platform to run and bring its games to the car’s radios.

Now, there would be a different focus for Tesla and Elon Musk as it aims to enter something that would border on health technology which will be integrated into its innovations. However, Musk did not clarify whether this venture would be for the house as an appliance or in addition to its electric vehicles and HVAC system.

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