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15 Finest Day Journeys From San Francisco

With so many things to do in San Francisco—including world-class restaurants, amazing bars and beautiful beaches—it’s easy to stay within the city limits and never leave. That said, every Bay Area local gets a little stir-crazy now and then. Sometimes you just need to get away and a day trip is just the thing. The best day trips from San Francisco offer a little fun, relaxation and the chance to experience something new.

Fortunately, all you have to do is hit the road—or hop on a train, bus or ferry—to explore the many wonders of the region; this means there are plenty of enticing day trips to choose from at any time of the year. From San Francisco’s perch in the Bay, you can easily access completely different worlds in under two and a half hours. Explore the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas, a historic lighthouse, an elk preserve, quaint towns, a thrilling coastal drive with incredible views and much more.

Escape the city for a day and you may find your favorite new cafe tucked away on a small street or an amazing bookstore that has just what you want. Hike a trail to gain a new perspective and reconnect with nature, or visit the home base of local purveyors who supply the city’s restaurants and grocery stores. After exploring the immediate region, go a little farther and plan a weekend getaway.

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