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SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – A mysterious monolith appeared on Christmas morning in San Francisco … and it’s made of gingerbread?

One Franciscan tossed aside COVID security and germaphobia and said he saw another lick the monolith and confirmed that it was indeed the Christmas cookie held together with icing.

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The gingerbread monolith is real. so real that I even saw someone lick it and then I said a prayer for her. in this sense, happy monolith! pic.twitter.com/ceyGDbKPVB

– Josh Ackerman (@joshuaackerman) December 25, 2020

It towers over the city from Corona Heights Park.

Gummy bears line the sides of the vertical gingerbread structure. But we ask you not to take a bite.

Courtesy Josh Ackerman

The Cookie Tower is modeled after mysterious metal monoliths that have surfaced around the world: first in Utah, then across the sea in Romania (pictured below) and even in Southern California.

FILE – In this November 27, 2020 file photo, a metal structure protrudes from the ground on Batca Doamnei hill outside Piatra Neamt in northern Romania. (Robert Iosub / ziarpiatraneamt.ro via AP, file)

The origin of the gingerbread monolith is unclear. We don’t know why it is there or what the Creator wants from us. Maybe it’s just enough silliness to spread the joy of Christmas.

We put our gingerbread on a plate.

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